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Altimas at 3:37AM, March 30, 2008
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joined: 9-22-2007
So I notice that my comic ranking has been slowly declining over the past few days, which is odd…because I've been getting page views up in the 1,000's-2,000's daily, and yet…my rank is still declining, any reason why?
Life and Death are words but, do they really have any meaning…
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crocty at 3:42AM, March 30, 2008
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joined: 8-16-2007
I think someone else said this happened as well.
I see two explinations.

1. Everyone else is getting WAAAAY more pageviews and comments, so their ranks go higher than yours.
2. Another bug.

I kinda hope it's 1…
I don't want another bug. :(
Oh, how do I edit this again?
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