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Comic Review or self-promotion for a small clique?
Evil_Hare at 11:08AM, Nov. 22, 2009
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Is it just me, or is the comic review thread being limited only to a certain few comics?

What a a-hole thing to do.
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Orin J Master at 12:55PM, Nov. 22, 2009
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you have to request to be interviewed, so yes, it's limited to the people that actually want to review/be reviewed.

aside from that, you have to wait your turn.

what a bunch of A-holes, not harassing random people for interviews and posting them so that everyone gets equal exposure! they're nothing but elitists!
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BffSatan at 8:34PM, Nov. 22, 2009
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Hawk at 8:51PM, Nov. 22, 2009
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I'm sorry man, but this really isn't the place to be talking about this. And it's pretty much like Orin described. If you work through the system they have, your turn will come up.
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