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Ozumaru at 2:23AM, Feb. 17, 2006
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Hey, I'll tell you the details on the comic to start off with.

So far I have that this comic will be based on not a hero, but a samurai killer. He kills for the pleasure of it and he does it very well. Going around killing the homeless and street gangsters is what he does, but he mostly enjoys killing families, because it tears the family members apart when they see their son, or daughter, or father die right in front of them. Of course this might get boring if he just does this all the time, never matched by his abilities. So, to make a balance another samurai by the name of Shikan Ozumaru starts his adventure in tracking this vicious psycho down, and putting him to rest…never to bother the earth with his existence again. This won't be an easy task for Ozumaru though, thus begins the story of the Samurai Destiny.

Ok, there you have it, still working on many things, and left enogh open for the team not I but we create. This is gonna be one sweet killer comic, with killer artists, and writers. The plan I want though, is that we share our ideas together, that in my opinion is the only way to make one comic no one on this site will ever forget. I'm wanting it all, from writers to artists. This story can go along way with the help of creativity. Combining it all, our art, our writing and our ability to create one killer comic(literally). Reply by email, or on here.
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