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Comic Won't Update
gorramscott at 2:40AM, June 6, 2007
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I click send pages and the chapter screen loads up without the chapter I just loaded up on there. It's worked every other day except today, I've made sure that it's a JPEG and everything. Is anyone else experiencing this problem and can anyone tell me how to overcome it?
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mattex at 3:24AM, June 6, 2007
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Yea, ive tried to update today, with a gif file tho, i get the same thing.
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Ayari at 4:55AM, June 6, 2007
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Yeah same thing here and I used png.
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skoolmunkee at 8:07AM, June 6, 2007
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It seems to be something going on behind the scenes, possibly related to the problems the site's been having the last couple of days. I've told volte about it but I don't think it's Go To Work Time yet in California so I dunno when it might be fixed. :)
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