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Commander Jesus?
kyupol at 12:56PM, Jan. 18, 2008
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THE ASHTAR COMMAND is a Brotherhood of Light under the spiritual leadership of Prince Sananda, Jesus the Christ. It is composed of millions of spaceships and members of various cosmic civilizations. It is here to assist the planet Earth and its humanity in this cycle of cleansing and realignment. They are universal ambassadors of peace. Their main teaching and message is spiritually focused, above anything else, to the recognition, realization and manifestation of the divine nature. The ASHTAR COMMAND is sending proofs of its presence and existence to Earth, shutting down forever the negative arguments with respect to its protection. The ASHTAR Command, also known as THE GALACTIC COMMAND, COMMAND OF THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL FORCES OF THE INTERGALACTIC CONFEDERATION and THE FLEET OF THE SOLAR CROSS, is composed of personnel represented in many dimensions, civilizations and points of cosmic origin.

No problem. I'd still salute the commander (no sarcasm). :)
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jissai at 5:28PM, Jan. 19, 2008
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Warpedwenger at 5:37PM, Jan. 19, 2008
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Well duh!
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ozoneocean at 4:31AM, Jan. 20, 2008
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Well I'm the immortal emperor and grand admiral of my own intergalactic armada, one BILLION ships strong- including OVER NINE THOUSAND hyper-dreadnought-super-space-fortress-interdimensional battlecruisers!!!!!!

I'm here to subsume commander Jesus's punny fleet into my own vast force. Whether he wants it…
or not!

I've just been waiting around here until there was an announcement that he'd arrived. :)
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