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Congrats to JustNoPoint
DAJB at 12:46AM, Sept. 10, 2010
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Just wanted to take a minute to thank JNP for pulling this year's DD Awards together. (Yeah, I know they're not over yet, but I wanted to do it while they're still fresh in everybody's mind!)

I think the inclusion of selected “Critics' Acclaim” quotes has worked out especially well. It really brings home the fact the awards are not just decided on a whim (or by sticking pins into a list of candidates!) but that a lot of thought goes into the judging process.

As always, I've discovered quite a few comics I wouldn't otherwise have been aware of, and - best of all - the presentation comics themselves have been a lot of fun!

So, thanks to JNP (and, of course, his assistant - the lovely Vicky!) for all the hard work that's gone into making the 2010 Awards such a great “community” experience!
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Abt_Nihil at 3:25AM, Sept. 10, 2010
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JNP must have put in some excrutiating over-hours, so that lazy people like myself may just sit back and enjoy the show! Thanks!
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usedbooks at 5:33AM, Sept. 10, 2010
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Yay for JNP!

Not just for taking the helm but for all those extra things he added this year – giving himself considerably more work in the process. He's worked hard to help everyone who wants to get involved in the awards, both in self promotion and promoting your favorite comics. (And he still managed to make a page of his own comic during all of this. XD )

Also, many kudos to all the volunteers. We received almost ALL of the presentations before the deadline and didn't have to beg people to make extras. :) And the judges had a lot of work this year to compensate for low-ish numbers; some people willingly took on many categories, reading tons of comics in detail – and provided such wonderful detailed analysis and discussions. Good volunteers makes JNP look even better. ;) I want to encourage more people to be judges in the future.


And, of course, there is still time to be part of things. So draw some extra material, acceptance or concession speeches, awards show antics, fan art for nominees, whatever you like. JNP is accepting extras through the 20th (yes, we need a 5+ day after party!)
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PIT_FACE at 7:23AM, Sept. 10, 2010
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thank you for all yer hard work!
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Loud_G at 9:09AM, Sept. 10, 2010
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I would like to echo all of the praise that has been directed towards JNP. Seeing the awards from the perspective of a judge this year gave me a lot more perspective into just HOW MUCH WORK is required to run the awards year to year. I have a lot of respect for JNP and Vicky for taking this on.

Find out what George is up to:

Go! Visit George or he may have to eat you!*
*Disclaimer: George may or may not eat violators depending on hunger level and scarcity of better tasting prey.
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blindsk at 2:03PM, Sept. 11, 2010
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I, too, would like to express my thanks in allowing me involvement with the awards as well as all of the hard work JNP and usedbooks (and the volunteers!) have put into it. Definitely a great experience, I'd be interested next time around, no question.

Lastly, the organization for this event brought on by just two people is quite astounding to me! You really brought this together in amazing fashion, something ten people or so sometimes have a hard time doing! :)
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JustNoPoint at 5:32AM, Sept. 14, 2010
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I've been trying to think of something to say back to this for a while… But it was my pleasure to help promote the great comics on this site :)

It has been a lot of hard work and a lot of hours have surely gone into this! But to see so many people having a great time each page is totally worth it! And seeing all the great presentations and comments is intoxicating!

And it's nice to see that I can still get people together and promote and work hard myself, even if I'm not updating my own comic much! I loved working with ALL OF YOU!!!

Thank you for voting! For Contributing extras! For Contributing Presentations! For judging these wonderful comics!

And most of all thank you to all the authors that continue to make such wonderful works and for Drunk Duck, it's community, and it's admins!!!

YOU GUYS made the awards possible. I just threw some stuff together that you all had laid out for me :)

I hope to have an even larger turn out next year! THANKS SO MUCH!!!

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Nicotine at 1:15PM, Sept. 14, 2010
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Can't really add to what's been said, else I'd be repeating myself. So, thank you O Lord Of Awesomeness (JNP) m(_ _)m
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MeHighLow at 1:29PM, Sept. 16, 2010
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Yeah, thanks JNP. You rule.
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