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COWBOYS & ALIENS Co-Writer Looking For Artist Collaborator for Online Comic Project
Andrew Foley at 8:32PM, Oct. 4, 2006
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Hey all. In the passion of the moment, I've become so enamoured of this whole Drunk Duck online comic thing that I'd kind of like to throw my hat into the ring and do an original webcomic that's not under the auspices of Platinum.

Unfortunately, I'm just a writer, and utterly useless when it comes to all things technological, so in order for that to happen, I'm going to need an artist collaborator.

I've wanted to do this story for several years now, but have never been able to find an artist who stuck it out to completion…so I've bided my time, waiting for the right opportunity. Is this it? Let's find out!

I know the majority of you do this because you love comics (and so do I–God knows there's easier ways to make a living), but I want to put the potentially negative aspects of the project right up front, so any prospective artists know what they're getting into:

1) I can't offer my collaborator any money, just co-ownership of the property on completion of the art (that's to save me from ownership hassles with artists who don't finish projects, which I've had to deal with occasionally in the past.)

2) The property is not the kind of thing Hollywood is likely find interesting, so there's not much chance of making money from that end, either.

3) The piece is a cerebral sci-fi story. I'll consider any art style, but something more realistic than cartoony is my initial preference.

4) It's around a hundred pages long.

The only real upside is you get to work on a project that's near and dear to the heart of its writer. Once the story's finished (the script's in the can, has been for some time), I'll do everything I can to find a print publisher for it, but I obviously can't guarantee anything.

Anybody game? Drop me a line and let's talk.

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hpkomic at 10:11PM, Oct. 4, 2006
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So tempted, not sure my art would be partiularly suited for it though.
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kingofsnake at 9:03AM, Oct. 5, 2006
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I'd be up for it if I wasn't so enamored with my own comic. I don't get to have a social life as it is.

Writer looking for artist is always the hardest sell. Honestly, I'd check out the deviantart forums, theres alot of quality artists there that might be intersted, they might not already have big projects going. And with C&A under your belt you have something to show you've got the skillz that pay the billz
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