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Crayon Shin-chan on Adult Swim Review
kaminari at 12:19AM, Aug. 20, 2006
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If you dont believe that anime is butchered when it gets dubbed, here's yet another shining example.
I happened to be watching Futurama on Adult Swim and after that I glanced from my drawing and saw a strange face and thought “That looks like Shin-chan?” and, well, it was.. Strange because I didnt think it had be licensed and frankly, its such an old anime, that it falls into that category of never being released domestically (It seems like a lot of stuff from the early/mid 90s will never be licensed like Hamlen) in favor of newer more popular stuff.

But Shin-chan has always been hugely popular and hilarious in its simplistic random ecchi-ness eventhough the artwork is not at all visually pleasing. Thats probably why it was an appealing grab.. Though I suprised they wouldnt go for Ebichu instead.

Anyways, the *dialog* on this dub was amazingly awful. They Americanized the crap of this series with slang and modern references to appeal to the Adult Swim crowd. Poor people = Walmart shoppers? Tivo? ugghhh. The jokes arent even nearly as funny and dont make sense in the setting.. I wish I could be more elaborate with better references, but its been a long time since I watched the series originally.

They even made english versions of the theme songs which seems kinda pointless considering they leave the Japanese themes with everything else. And the English versions usually dont rhyme as well so the alter the words.

One funny thing about Shin is that his Japanese voice is so bizarre and makes him seem almost mentally retarded. Its a forced deep voice by a woman who slurs words with a slight accent.
They tried to emulate the forced deep voice but nothing else.

I dont really see this becoming that popular here… but you never know.

Did anyone else watch it?

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alejkhan at 12:30AM, Aug. 20, 2006
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I saw it too. I can't really compare to the original since the only other time I'd seen it was in french, but it was hilarious in french. The weird popular amercianization did seem a bit incongruous. However, the show was decently funny enough for Adultswim fare so I can't imagine it leaving too soon.
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Hawk at 1:04AM, Aug. 20, 2006
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I caught a little of Shin-chan while in Japan and I loved it. It hurts to hear they've ruined yet another anime with potential. Then again, my cable doesn't have Cartoon Network anymore, so I don't get to watch it anyway.
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Dan at 5:36AM, Aug. 20, 2006
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I used to love that show when I was very young back in Korea. I've seen a few commercials but I doubt that I'm going to watch it that much.
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Kxela at 7:25AM, Aug. 21, 2006
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That was one anime I watched growing up.

-_-" The comic was all right but I'm not sure I wanna see how the anime turned out..
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skoolmunkee at 7:31AM, Aug. 21, 2006
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Haha, I saw an episode of that when I was in Spain. I didn't understand a word of it but I still liked it. :)
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Comicmasta at 12:31PM, Aug. 21, 2006
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Hot Damn!
i have been brought back….The Boanitia..grrrrr…..Must find Super Jesus!!!!!
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ccs1989 at 1:22PM, Aug. 23, 2006
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In a perfect world they would never dub this stuff. They would subtitle it and make people deal with it because people need to learn that when a studio makes an anime it does good voice acting. It's just like how I would never want to see Justice League in japanese because the english version is so good.

Damn dubbers…

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Eggbert at 8:05PM, Aug. 23, 2006
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I watched this and thought it was pretty funny! The shows artistic style is really unique.
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