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creating a ghost head
subcultured at 8:49PM, Sept. 2, 2007
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Ocka at 8:56PM, Sept. 2, 2007
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Awesome. So going to try this >.>

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Sofox at 3:24PM, Sept. 11, 2007
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It utilises and effect known as http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pepper's_Ghost

Age old, yet still very much alive(!) (pardon the pun)
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herio at 3:31PM, Sept. 11, 2007
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interesting the way people in the usa take Halloween

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ShinGen at 6:17AM, Sept. 12, 2007
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Holy amazing Jebus. I'm doing that this Christmas. Take that Satan Claws.

Welcome to the academy of the 1337. Try not to get fragged.
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MediaMessiah at 4:31PM, Sept. 18, 2007
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i would do that but im so lazy
A hot kiss is like a loose spiderweb, someones fly is gonna to get undone
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A blond can be bad at history and great on dates
A golfer yells“FORE”, takes five, and writes down three
A brassiere is a device to bring out a girls best points
A husband is a man who gave up priveleges he never knew he had
Bad Sex is an oxymoron

if any of these made you laugh, grin, smile, or any happy expression read my comic
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