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Creating a new comic
Yuri at 4:48PM, Oct. 17, 2007
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Uh…I've been thinking awhile and I want to create a comic…but I have no idea whatsoever to draw about… @_@ I feel like the most clueless person in the world… Maybe I'll come up with ideas while I go along…???
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Evil_Snuffkin at 5:31PM, Oct. 17, 2007
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I think this would be better placed in the Tips and Tricks forum or you might even want to team up with someone by using Networking and Community Projects. Ultimately you should go for something that you find inspiring and it might help to make your first a short to give you practice. Try looking at your favorite anime/manga and and thinking what it is about them that you like. Get the bones of the story and characters plotted out before you even think about putting pen to paper. Hope this helped a little and good luck!
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