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Creative Block..
Jojomonster at 6:50AM, March 5, 2006
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okay, so ive been having ‘issues’ on even drawing my first page. I cant decide how i want it to look in the panels. How do you guys get yourself out of an uninspired rut?
thanks :(
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Mikael at 6:52AM, March 5, 2006
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okay, so ive been having ‘issues’ on even drawing my first page. I cant decide how i want it to look in the panels. How do you guys get yourself out of an uninspired rut?
thanks :(

I find pacing back and forth muttering to myself does wonders.
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Inkmonkey at 7:19AM, March 5, 2006
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If I'm having serious trouble I write down what I want to happen in the page. Then I have to see what I'm conveying; do I want to show a character dreaming, or walking, or fighting? Once I know what kind of mood the scene is supposed to have, I break up the script into panels. Generally I work in the 4-panel strip format, but I've done full-page stuff before. Once I've got the script split up into panels, I lay out the page. I decide what's the most visually interesting and/or important panel, and generally make that the largest. Any panels meant to show a sequence are generally the same size. Then I work on character placement, backgrounds, etc. I occasionally forget to leave room for the word bubbles, so keep that in mind.

So, basically, when I don't know what to do, I just sit and work at it until I do. Oftentimes just forcing myself to work on something will kill any writer's block I'm having about it.
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Terminal at 6:34PM, March 5, 2006
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I either watch a movie, listen to some smooth jazz, abstract beats, intelligent techno. etc or just draw a bunch of panels, hoping something will come out.

That usually gets me going.

.: Myxomatosis :.
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Ian Jay at 2:28PM, March 6, 2006
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…intelligent techno…

So like School House Rock with a droning bass beat slapped under it, or what?

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Goblyn at 2:58PM, March 6, 2006
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Draw draw draw… that's the way i take care of it… some times I throw 5 or 6 layouts on a page then, finally, the right one comes out… I guess if you try long enough, something good HAS to show up, right?
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Adariel at 12:38AM, March 9, 2006
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i stay out of drawing related stuff for a while (no updates). Eventually my creative cells start to kick in again, then boom a new page before you can say baha!
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marine at 11:26PM, March 9, 2006
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Here are a few of my methods:

1. Go out and have an interesting adventure.


3. I listen to music that keeps me pumped (Rammstein works well) and do as much phsyically exerting myself as I can. I push myself to the breaking point. After a few days, I'm usually so dead inside that I've managed to find an idea somewhere.


5. Re-use old stuff. Really, people seem to respond to catch phrases and the same re-used characters time and time again. The same exact premise works so well for me that I can recycle most things.
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Giandroid at 6:15AM, March 11, 2006
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Marine, if you're not going to be helpful, shut it. We're considering banning you.

Anyway, I suggest reading books. They can verbally describe many funny scenarios. Read other comics as well… maybe you could use a few tidbits here and there. But don't outright steal. And always keep in mind that you'll have your writer's blocks, but they will be over eventually.
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mykill at 5:28PM, March 13, 2006
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These are my thoughts, I believe them, but they're not necessarily the truth. Just my truth.

Comics are an artform where narrative determines artwork.

How I do it is I think up a story, figure out how many pages it's going to be, and then map out how the story gets broken down per page.

Story telling formulas help determine the artwork.

Here are some formulas:

In superhero or action comics, it's good to “marble” the action.

It's good to open to a dramatic scene.

Initial panels to scenes should be establishing shots (showing entire environment and all relevant characters therein).

Characters saying important lines (or displaying important reactions) get close-ups.

Characters will seem more powerful and intimidating seen from an angle looking UP at them.

It's better to show a character IN a scene, with some objects both in front of and behind them.

What should your comic page look like? 1. what will tell the story clearly. 2. what looks good.
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kyupol at 9:28PM, March 14, 2006
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think of your comic as though it was playin on TV.

listen to death metal music (or ur favorite type of music that is…) :D
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Giandroid at 3:54PM, March 22, 2006
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I just don't condone illegal drugs and plagerism. I left up what helped, though. I want to be moderate in my rulings, I'm hardly willing to ban someone like Marine so early, he's one of my fans. Sorta. And I do know that he helps sometimes, but I just don't want things like that to be suggested, even if he did it sarcastically, which I know he did.

But still.

And “she” is a guy.
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