Creator Interview: KC Green of Horribleville! (It's incredibly long!)
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Just a little warning, there's a couple swearin' type words in here. Nothing to go run home and tell on us to your moms about, I'm just telling you guys just in case someone reading this is extra-sensitive to works like “summabtch” and “dickbutt.”

Comics: Horribleville, CAT!, Jesus and the Man, more on!
Age: 20
In what part of the world do you live: Oklahoma
Are you single/ boyfriend/ girlfriend/ married: Single (AN' LOVIN' IT!!!!!)
Day Job: Theme park goon/pizza delivery kid/student/COMICOLOGIST

Kind of related, he's made a video about how he draws a comic!

First question! People on the internet like you. Does that make you feel weird?

Not really. It's a cool feeling, but I'm not going to go around and shout “PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET LIKE ME SO EFF OFF” then fart in a person's face.

Have you ever gotten to sign something like, a body part?

No….t yet. I'm sure that I'll get to some crazy fan or fannette and they'll want an arm or face signed or doodled on.

Only an arm or face? Why not set your sights higher?

Well, I didn't want to state the obvious. The thing that is on everyone's mind.

So you would sign someone's Guitar Hero 2?

Sure! Why not? I would sign it “HEY! I CAN'T PLAY THIS GAME! LOVE, KC” Seriously that game is hard.

So as a general assessment, do you feel people recognize your genius not enough, too much, or just right?

That question is like a loaded bullet that will leave me feeling like a pompous douche! But I will answer it anyways. I think that there are some parts of different comics I put in there that I think are funny that most people COMPLETELY look over. Then sometimes I will close my eyes and draw a comic with my mouth, and it gets posted on 4chan every other minute. Should I give examples?

I think that would be a good idea!

Here is an example of a joke I think people will either miss or not get it. At the very last panel, the cup reads “YOUR LIFE” and i thought that was the best thing to add to the comic. Maybe people just can't read it, but I don't know if a lot of people caught it.

At the risk of sounding like I don't get it… is it because that makes your life something that is just sucked down by a guy who is kind of being a jerk?

Maybe… There can be many interpretations of it, but I only know is that it's great.

Here is the whistlin a tune, drawin' with my buttcheecks comic that I've heard, and saw once, on 4chan and similar places. A guy at Megacon printed out Ghost Blowjob and had me sign it for him. He printed it out on Nice Glossy paper, too. Classy stuff.

It's like the old comic I did, where a big guy named Amazin' Ted would quickly run into a lead pipe. And that's the comic. It was a black and white thing, they either got it and loved it, or was just like “NOT EVEN A JOKE”

Well, these two questions seem related as they're about fans' responses to your comics: Where the hell is Uppercut Ted? I miss him. …Seriously. He's the best; aside from SNTJP. And, What can we expect to see in Dick Butt's future?

To answer the first, With Droop, a lot of the time, I will forget to use those characters. So, it's nothing personal. I mean, you can only do so many uppercut jokes. But, I am more and more being aware that I could re-write or change a certain character in a comic to have one of my many little character dudes in there instead. So, be patient.

Second question: I kind of wanted to keep this a secret, BUT WHAT THE HELL ITS AN INTERVIEW. I was looking into possibly making a Horribleville mini collection. Collecting maybe 25 comics at a time. Now that I'm under the Young American Comics flag, a bigger collection might happen. Need to talk to people first, so don't get your hopes up.

But, with the HV collections I wanted to include little extra stories with Doosty or someone… and, yes, a new set of Dick Butt Stories.

That is awesome! I would buy them all. My next question was that I gotta know, you got any neato developments in your world of comics??? So that's one of them?

Neato development of the time is my Young American Comics deal! YAC has agreed to print my minis after I sent a little package of minis to them a long time ago! The first thing they want to do is print a Gun Show Collection! Issues 1-3 all in a nice book, with some extra tidbits and a sweet cover. After that, I will just start throwing stories their way to make into minis. Including Space Horses, which just needs to be inked and it will be done.

Well let me say congratulations, that all sounds really fantastic. I'm sure lots of people are building up to a panic attack right now because they can't buy them yet.

YAC said they want to get it ready for Comic-Con. So lots of new people will be all like “WHATS THIS HUH GUNS??”

So what other new projects you got?

Nothing at the moment. I am finishing up a hectic semester of college and I think me and my roommates are going to move around June or something. So, there is not a lot of time to work on comics. Although, I have a couple of things in the HIATUS ZONE. Including a 2 page comic that me and HPK are working on for Nick mag.

Nick for Nickelodeon?

Yeah. Since I've talked to the art editor in charge of the magazine, who also runs Lifemeter comics, and I've sent in some stuff there. Turns out a lot of the comic Ideas I send their way are too ironic or dark for children. The dude still wants me to submit something, tho.

Sounds like you're breakin' into the big time.

I'M TRYING! Also, there's a story me and another friend are working on. I hope to work on it more after I finish Space Horses and maybe try to shop it to this newish comic anthology called “Squid and Ink.” I don't know how down they are with long serial stories, but We're Gonna Try!

Well good luck! Not that I think you need it but it can't hurt. Online, you seem very self-depreciating. Or is it humble? Is that all an act? Are you the real KC Green?

I'm nothing but a fake!!!!! I guess it's a little bit of both. Self-deprecating humor is just something that you find a lot Around The South! It's what we manufacture. And I also don't want to come off as an annoying prick when I try to promote my stuff. BUT if you saw me at Megacon you wouldn't guess that, cus I was being a loud dude. That's when I get into “whatever, who cares” mode.

I don't think anyone thinks that about you. But speaking of promoting your stuff, you make a lot of comics. Could you tell us about some of them? For all the soon-to-be fans reading this.

Well, I guess we could start with the Big Two. Droop is my experimenting comic. I'm working out different ideas and jokes in Droop. It's a fun-periment. A lot are bad, a lot are cheesy, and some are good. That's Droop!

Horribleville is the comic that Droop almost turned into. I made like 3 comics in a row with me in it. Then I did a whole week story about me trying to get famous by stabbing dogs. Then my tv stabbed me. That was when HV was born. So, HV is now a comic about my life: things that happen or ideas I think about, or the people I meet, or JUST ME BEING DEPRESSED. Y'know, the usual!

So which one is your favorite? You've already said that Droop is the fun, experimental one. But Horribleville has to have some redeeming value for you.

They both offer some output in me that I cherish. IS there a question that asks which comic I've done is my fav, cus I will answer that right now.

Yeah, go on and tell us that.

I have no favorite! I look at it as that I haven't reached that goal yet. I will always be trying to make the better comic. TRUE, I do tend to fawn over one comic more than the other. When I was doing Anger Pauly, and that huge story I had over there, I was in love with it. Coulda been out of spite from people telling me that the story is getting really long, but I thought it was great. And I can't wait to bring that comic back, as well. Honestly, the more people tell me I should reuse a certain character, or that THIS COMIC was the best of my comics, it makes me cringe a little, cus I know I could do better.

So Droop and HV are kind of like duelling banjos? They go on and on and together they both make each other get more awesome.

Well, it's really that I haven't gotten bored with either of them yet. Droop always stays a little bit different enough for me to try new things out and junk. And if I start getting tired of writing comics about MY LIFE then I need to see someone about that. That's some deep depression problems that need lookin' in to

Do you want a hug?

Okay, but i'm not depressed right now. But i'll take a hug, yeah. YEAH HUGSZ

That's ok I'm not depressed right now either. I'M HUGGIN KC GREEN! So why do you make comics? Was there a point in your life where you stood up and shouted “I'm gonna make comics!” and maybe got some spit on someone else's face?

I don't know why I make comics. I started drawin' em as a kid, and I guess it was to let my imagination run loose on paper instead of my head. But that answer sounds cheesy as all hell. I DID IT FOR THE LADIESSS

But seriously, I drew comics as a kid, and, thinking about it now, I don't know why I started doing it in the first place. Too much tv? TOO MUCH PAPER?? PENCILS?

When you sit down to do a comic, what's your favorite (or least favorite) part of working on it? The joke that you really hate drawing seems to come up a lot in your cartoons. How close to the truth is that in real life?

Writing a comic and working out the joke or idea is fun and rewarding when I think of a good one. BUT I really like inking comics. That's where the gold flowsssss. Now, that second question was sorta answered earlier, BUT NOT REALLY so lemme think.

The truth is I can get super lazy about drawing my comics. Like, I will sit there with ample amounts of free time to work on stuff and I will just sit there. Goin' “HUH I should work on somethin…..zzzzzzzz” The hatred the question is prolly thinking of is all those DARK, DEPRESSING HVs I did early on, which came from my first year experience at college and me having a terrible time/hating it a lot. And the hate just ran onto the paper into spite and things.

OK. So this is… sort of a related question I think. Would you rather have your hands turn to dust or to wood or maybe a sphinx?

Hahah. A sphinx, definitely, cus I might still be able to hold a pencil.

I thought sphinxes were jerks though.

Wait wood? Wood? I think I'll change my answer to wood. Wood ain't jerks.

Awesome, I'm sure some sphinx-haters will be happy with that. Do you ever feel pressured/tempted/verbed to adhere to a narrative continuity, or are you a gag writer through and through and continuity is only a fun thing to do sometimes?

I'm more tempted to go with the latter, only with a few changes. Gags are fun and easier to write, no doubt. But if you can pull off a fun story to go with your characters, the pay off feels great. Like with Anger Pauly. the way that last story ended was perfect. it was exactly what I wanted. And even Space Horses did well, and leaves me open to do more with the characters.

OK, here is a pair of related questions for you. In some of your comics, you're working as a busboy. Do you make any money from your comics? And, Do you consider comic-making your current career, or a potential one? Do you see yourself doing it for a long long time?

Yes, I do make some money off of the minis I sell and that Originals Thanksgiving Sale I had. Not enough to NOT have a job tho. Busboying was one of the career opportunities that offered up some neat comic ideas.

I look at comic making as a sweet hobby that I can make some money on, and I would love to do this for a living. Tho, I'm also looking at this realistically and guessing that I've got a lot more work ahead of me before I get there

You're already making a start though.

Yeah, it's a good start. I bet when I'm old, I'll still be doodling dicks on menus at restaurants, also. Nothin's gonna stop old man Green.

What would you do if you couldn't make comics?

As in, I USED to make comics and now I can't? Or as in What If I Never Made Comics? If it was the former, I would prolly be settling for a boring long term job?? I can't answer these questions, I'm not a crystal ball! Maybe I would be a famous Pianist! I always wanted to learn piano. I took drum lessons, but only because I didn't care. Now that I know a little music, I wish I learned more about it. I still want to be in a band someday.

In a recent HV, you were playing a guitar?

I just had a guitar, cus I was listening to music, and thought “guitarssss” so I had one.

I guess you'd be able to play Guitar Hero if you could play a regular guitar.

Man that game beat me the hell up. I had no idea. I just wanted to do Trogdor. And I did an easy mode, but I didn't do THAT good.

I think that's the hardest song on the list. It's at the bottom.

Yeah it was.

OK. So I guess we can say a pretty large percent of your being is dedicated to Makin' Comics. What are some other percentages?

Right now a chunk of me is trying not to flunk out of college, and a small but Resilient part of me wants to make some music. Then there is a tiny gamer side of me that reminds me that I haven't beaten Elebits yet, or Brave Fencer Musashi. A very tiny part is always sleeping, and sometimes waking up to remind me that I haven't beaten those games, then he nods off again and I forget about them.

Home stretch� what are you in college for!

I'm majoring in Illustration/Design. I just found out there is a Cartooning class. And I'm gonna smoke those chumps.

Awesome. Who are some of your creative influences? OR, Are there people you don't look up to?

Haha that's a fun question. I DON'T look up to a lot of the clich�©d jokes and shit I see a lot in webcomics. I don't look up to when a bunch of comics do a certain joke in a row then people expect me to do one. Example: 300. Everyone and their dog has done a “THIS IS SPARTA” joke and it was only pulled off well by like maybe two people. But this is more of me airing my grievances with the stuff I see in some webcomics, I guess. I don't want my shit to become stupid 4chan fodder. And I only mention them cus there is A LOT of stupid stuff on there. Oh, influences. HUMMMMMMMM

Recently Paper Rad have given me a lot of inspiration. As well as this comic guy Brian Chippendale, who's book Ninja is excellent. I'm still reading it, but it's great so far. Reading stuff like that really gets me going to try new stuff. As for long time influences, I'mma have to give it up to some of the old cartoons on Nickelodeon back in the day. They fueled me to draw cartoons and eventually comics. There are some artists I could name off. SHOULD I?

Oh go on.

Spumco (not just john K., but all the other styles they had on there and they wide range of creepy emotions they could tell), Jhonen Vaqsuez, Doug Tennaple, Brian Lee O'Malley, James Kochalka, Mike Mignola, Jeffrey Brown, Tony Millionaire, Evan Dorkin, Craig Thompson, Lance K. (DD's own gerbil from Pork Show), Lance King (friend of mine and another Lance), Jim Mahfood, R.Crumb, Jen Wang, REYYY, Meathaus (a collective of great artists) and a thousand others I'm forgetting. And that's just looking at my bookshelf. There's more I can't remember and will remember later on and go “DAMN, I forgot that guy!”

OK, here's an easy question I hope. Why doesn't the “About” button work on Droop?

Cus I haven't made an About page. Which is basically going to be a big explanation of what Droop means to me. Maybe just a big ol comic about it?

It's time for the last question, but I think you might have already answered it. If you had to choose a single comic you've done that has helped you improve the most, which would it be?

Improved in which way? Well each has helped me in its own way. I wonder if, when someone reads this, they just give up and say “THAT GOD DAMN KC GREEN IS TOO WISHY WASHY. JUST PICK BILL THE MAGICIAN YOU SUMMABTCH”

Well, they did say ‘if you had to choose a single one’. People are like that.

Well, screw that. I loved each of my comics tenderly and they all helped me out. Droop has helped me develop my humor and how to draw comics. HV has made me realize that life is funny and not worth getting too depressed over, even tho those are some of the better ones. Anger Pauly and all those older comics where I did a story has helped my story telling ability. Older comics like CAT! or Bill The Magician� Longlegs made me realize that I hate Longlegs and asking people for email questions is a terrible idea and to never do it again!

There you have it, the longest interview Drunk Duck will probably ever do with anybody ever. I think we can all agree that KC Green is at the very least, incredibly patient.
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That video is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. KC is a genius! Great inteview!

KC needs to become a T-shirt artist! If a hack like Goldman can do it, imagine what KC could do!
“To a rational mind, nothing is inexplicable. Only unexplained.”
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That video is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. KC is a genius! Great inteview!

I'll admit I kinda had to warm up to the video a little, but by the time it got to scanning I was sold. The coloring was my favoite part. :)
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That video is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. KC is a genius! Great inteview!

I'll admit I kinda had to warm up to the video a little, but by the time it got to scanning I was sold. The coloring was my favoite part. :)
I was sold after “Huh? Oh, I thought ya said somethin'” and the chocolate. lol!
“To a rational mind, nothing is inexplicable. Only unexplained.”
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I like your work almost as much as mine.
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KC Green is dreamy. ;D
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danthemancartoons at 12:01PM, April 30, 2007
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Very worthy interview. KC's work is verging on legendary and there is a huge amount of creativity behind it.
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The video was godly. I was sold when KC said 'Draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa“*chocolate appears*”aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw".
It's a comic!

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Cool interview, and KC, I can't wait to get my hands on the Gunshow collection! ROXORZLOL!!!!11!!


I'm also doing that other comic "Space Waffles".
We now have a podcast called The Random Pirate Comics Show!
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You broke rule 1 & 2 KC. You're in for it once anonymous finds out.

Looks like they should get an anonymous tip…
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Everything on this thread was awesome. The video was hilarious. I loved it.
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Man, that is funny. All the interviews should be this good.
Josh Carrollhach
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Well, I gots me a new hero, her-yuck!
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Was there any other interviews? i wouldn't care anyways, this one was the important one.
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There should be more interviews like this.
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Eirikr at 9:26PM, March 28, 2008
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Loved the video so much, especially the beginning with the peaceful music just being interrupted by the guy screaming, it just kills me.
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