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Creepy video.
SarahN at 5:16PM, April 9, 2008
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It's a ghost video; probably fake…but that's not the point.
Why does this scare me ten times more than most horror movies nowadays? XD (Though I had the sound turned down, so it was even weirder. If it has stupid sounds I didn't notice, then meh. =P Watch it turned down then.)
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thisguyflip at 5:51PM, April 9, 2008
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check this one out if you haven't already seen it.. it is fake but if it stopped before the music video than i prolly would not have known the difference.

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LoveandGuns at 5:52PM, April 9, 2008
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I could only imagine looking down a narrow hallway and seeing a ghost staring down at me while I'm by myself (and in the dark). It would make me sh!t bricks.

But seriously, I don't know if its a fake or not. I can never really tell with these types of vids.

Edit: Here's an old creepy one that sent a bit of shivers down my spine.

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Product Placement at 4:37AM, April 10, 2008
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I think you can safely assume that if you see a ghost video featuring two frat boys talking about going to a haunted place and that they “might” spot something mysterious or a film camera recording of someone strolling through his house for no apparent reason it is fairly safe to assume that there's absolutely no chance in hell that there's any realism behind it.

Those were my two cents.
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HippieVan at 6:59PM, April 11, 2008
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In the city I live in there is an big old hotel that is supposed to be haunted. It is even in a book about haunted locations, I can't remember what it's called right now though. But anyways, there are stories of all these scary things happening there, including blood running down the walls. The last time I was in one of the rooms, I noticed on a wall near a corner there was a red streak of something all the way down from nearly the ceiling. This still gives me the shivers.

The book is just called Ghost Stories of Manitoba.
“The most notorious level of the hotel is the second floor where Room 202 resides. Guests to the room have reported waking up to find the dark silhouette of a figure in a robe or cloak standing at the end of the bed, which vanished before their eyes. There are also stories of maids cleaning the room reporting blood seeping from the walls, as this was the location of the rumored suicide mentioned above. Though something of a focal point for the reports of paranormal activity on the floor, the entire second floor has something of a ghostly reputation. Other reports have a woman in a ball gown appearing at the foot of a bed or wandering the hotel's hallways.”

Creepy, huh? It's actually a very nice hotel though.
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Arashi_san at 8:09PM, April 11, 2008
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I hate those stupid videos where everything is quiet and towards the end some idiot jumps out and screams, trying to startle you.

Thanks everyone for not posting one of those! :)

Anyway, I don't care if you guys believe me or not, but when I was about six or seven, while I was visiting my grandparents house in the suburbs in VA, I saw a white humanoid figure pacing back and forth on our second story deck. It was really really scary. Though it was almost like white fog, you could still make out that its head was slightly pointed downward and its hands were behind its back as it walked back and forth. It was at night, maybe eight or nine o'clock and I ran downstairs (where my grandparents, my mother, and my brother were at the moment) in a panic. My mom and I then returned and the figure was gone.

Oooooh, it was scary!
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