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cs3ink at 7:40AM, July 8, 2007
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I have 3 DD titles now. One, Terran Sandz, is rated E, the second, Broken Things is T+, and the newest, Dead, is a mature title. Up until now I've been pushing BT on TS, and visa versa, which seemed okay, I guess. DEAD, however, by design is NOT a kid-friendly title. I can sorta see pimping DEAD from BT, but question whether it's okay to do so from TS.

For that matter is it okay to pimp BT, which has limited cussing & other more mature subject matter and scenes, from a kid-friendly book like TS?

Does this make any sense?

I welcome your input.

Creator of Terran Sandz and Broken Things, and now Dead. Check 'em out.
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iowabarbidoll at 4:39AM, July 20, 2007
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I think as long as you are up front about it- which you have been-it should be all right…


You have kids, so you know that if they read somethign that says “Mature content, do not read that over there” that they may be MORE likely to check it out. (Heck, I am.) DD doesnt have a locking system as far as I know like Elfwood does, where you have to be over eighteen. Although, those can be manipulated VERY easily.


I would say that if it feels odd promoting a mature comic on your everyone or teen comic, then don't.

This comment was completely useless, but there you go. -.0

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