DarkGesen interviews I Am the 1337 Master of I Am, Crap2, Paint Force Assemble, and more!
skoolmunkee at 4:11AM, Feb. 18, 2011
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This interview is of I Am the 1337 Master, whose comics are I Am, organizer of Paint Force Assemble, and more!

(Interview conducted by DarkGesen!)

1. First off, here’s something that I’ve been wondering since I first saw you when I came to Drunk Duck. How did you become/discover that you were the 1337 Master?

I was chosen. From birth I arose from the ashes of civilization. The world (internet) needed me to be there and I answered their call with my one-gloved hand. I did my special dance and fired up the machine of awesomeness.

And Then I f*cked up big time and ended up being who I am today.

Oh and this little thing called Gemmini that I found through Google and liked for a period of time before it really got popular.

2. Is that you singing The Rain Song?


“I wrote it. On a rainy day. And it’s kinda cool. So here it is…this is…the rain song…”

“This is the rain song…this is the rain song…it’s raining…and I’m singing a song…” (times however many times I do that…)

The three chords are G->D->C in case you want to cover it or something.

Just Saiyan.

3. You like using Microsoft Paint to make comics. Is there a particular reason for this?

MS Paint Kicks *ss.

And I’m too cheap to have bought anything else.

But my dad did get me Photoshop Elements 7 and I do use it from time to time.

That’s one sucky program so don’t get it.

But I really do love MS Paint which will lead into a later question I predict.

Plus I didn’t have a scanner back in ‘08/’09.

4. One of your comics, 13 A Short Story Collection depicts a ten year old girl being driven to suicide. That’s pretty deep. What drove you to draw this? (and what happens in the end? Did she die?)

I personally love f*cked up stuff and to mess with my characters so much. In other short stories I’ve written I’ve: cut apart a woman and then had her husband shoot himself and then both the bodies be raped by a neighbor who I let on that they are going to suffer the same fate the next night, an insane little boy kill his family because his imaginary friend told him to, and had a kid kill his best friend by melting her to her bare skeleton but not be dead yet until he rips out her heart but not actually be done (I haven’t written the sequel yet).

So yeah…

Her mother lets her hang in the end and that’s the cruelest thing I could think of for that story so I used it.

One day I will color those pages and draw the other stories I planned for that by the way.
I’m not THAT disturbed guys…


5. What’s that coming over the hill?

Jesus. And he’s p*ssed.

6. Would you like to talk a little about this “Paint Force Assemble” Collaboration?

It’s a group of people (KomradeDave, Mettaur, Shirkensama, myself) who make comics using the program Microsoft Paint. We (I) plan to recruit even more people over time to have a giant archive thrown together with the mere basics.

7. Do you have any plans for future projects?

Plenty (You shouldn’t have asked that).

I currently have… four (?), secret penname accounts that have their own comics that update when I feel like it. They all are different people that make mainly comedy comics and the only reason I do this is because it’s fun to mess with people that you’re someone else AND that I have way too many comics made on this account.

…I’m weird, okay?

Plus I have plans for new I am the 1337 Master comics, like updating the ones on hiatus or starting the ones that haven’t been started.

I also am doing a project with a certain user named Gunwallace who makes Character Development. The comic is going to be called “Snippets”.

That is if I force myself to stop being lazy and finish coloring page one.

8. Who is your avatar?

Fonzie from Happy Days. It’s a picture I edited.

It originally came out of Mr. Product Placement (PP to annoy him) calling me Fonzie for no reason on the Top Drawer High thread in the Network/Community forums.

All I did to edit it is mess with the colors and then make it happier.

It’s called “D” in my files so I call the avatar (D’s the only one I use periodically) “D”.

Beware D and his power.

9. I remember when I went through the “l33t” phase…

Yeah. Megatokyo was the inspiration, that being sad as most people find it to be the inspiration for THEM to learn 1337 too.

I also sadly still remember everything I learned and how embarrassing it must be if people remember my really old posts where I talked in 1337.

10. What inspired you to make webcomics?

I started to read generic comics Gemmini, Megatokyo, Bunnywith, and made an account. Though those comics aren’t bad I ended up making some type of tribute comic with Pwnd Randomness, trying to invoke half assed comedy into my basic art. I ended up moving on from that stage and actually getting better but not that much better, I’ll tell you that.
So yeah. It was the comics that everyone else reads that started me up.

11. I think that’s everything. Any extra comments from the 1337 master?

Um…God…what to say?

Um…go f*ck a dog?

Or maybe a cat…

Or even better…

(there are no cats that are being yiffed in this comic (unfortunately))
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Nergal at 4:51PM, Feb. 18, 2011
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Aw 1337 you're so scary. Draw a portrait of me in paint.

and take me to Spaceys!!!
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I Am The 1337 Master at 6:01PM, Feb. 18, 2011
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I really am that scary…


I like that dress.

You should wear it more often.

And this is why you're the artist and I'm…the 1337 master…

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Nergal at 8:28PM, Feb. 18, 2011
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You're right.
I never knew how pretty that dress was until I saw it through your eyes.

You should change your name to MSPaint Master!
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I Am The 1337 Master at 7:58AM, Feb. 19, 2011
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or just make another side account called it.
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