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David Daneman
namenad at 4:32AM, May 17, 2009
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Drunk Ducks,

My name is David Daneman. I am a 28-year old American living in South Korea. I teach English in an elementary school.

I grew up in Kansas City. As a teenager, I screwed around in the punk scene. I was in a skapunk band called “Punchdrunk” in 1997. The guitarist of this band now lives in Southern California and owns a record label called “the Militia Group.”

I went to college in Lawrence, Kansas and studied filmmaking. After school, I worked on two feature films directed by my professor Kevin Wilmott. I quit my day job to work on a horror movie called “Nail Biter”, but it fell apart in preproduction so I ended up moving to Korea in December of 2007.

Now I teach Korean 3rd-6th graders English.

I've been making my comic strip for the last three years. It really doesn't have a name, as each individual strip has its own name. But for purposes of conversation, you can call it Danetropolis. In the strip, I am everyone. The strips are usually silent, though not always.

You can see them here on Drunk Duck or at .

David Daneman
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parkbenchbook at 7:46AM, May 17, 2009
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Welcome to the duck.
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amanda at 10:34AM, May 18, 2009
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Punchdrunk sounds so SO familiar (probably helps that I was big into the ska and punk scene in the late 90s). Hmmm…
In any case, welcome to the Duck, David!
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