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DD Awards 2010 - Planning Stages!
usedbooks at 4:27PM, June 22, 2010
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I'd have to agree with this, i just checked through the list and there are basically millions of awards. I think it kinda eliminates the purpose of a award if more or less everyone gets one. (or one comic gets 50 )
I dunno. The first year the awards were tried, there were only three or four. It really lacked interest and enthusiasm from the DD community because people didn't expect their chances of winning anything was high at all – or the chances of their favorite comics (especially less noticed ones) of winning anything either. I know I felt voting was a waste of time because so few people read the neat comics I did. With a variety of awards, people are more enthusiastic because there is a chance their favorites will win something. It gives recognition within sub-groups too. We might not all read manga-style comics, for example, but there's a group who love them more than any others and it would be nice for them to have the recognition.

We also had a lot of response last year and the year before (pretty much the same categories, with some differences) for nominations and participation, so I definitely support a lot of awards. People should be recognized for doing what they do well, even if they are specialized and less mainstream. I don't think “niche” awards decrease the value of “greater” ones either. It should be fairly obvious that to be recognized as having the “best sci-fi comic” isn't as awesome as having the “best story comic.”

However, maybe we could play-up the “greater” awards a little so they stand out over the more specific/niche awards. Somehow we could make a bigger deal for the “best overall story comic” and “best overall comic strip” – and “popular choice” too (comic legitimately receiving the most votes overall). Then we could have a good number of awards (and presentations) for community participation and enthusiasm but make sure the big ones are significant and receive due accolades.
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DAJB at 11:56PM, June 22, 2010
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With a variety of awards, people are more enthusiastic because there is a chance their favorites will win something.
I agree. I also think the number of awards is, to some extent, a reflection of the diversity here at DD. If all the comics here were wacky, B/L manga comics, you'd only need one award. In practice, however, DD has pretty much every kind of genre and every kind of art style represented. The awards should reflect that, I think. It's one of the big strengths of this site.
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VegaX at 12:11AM, June 23, 2010
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Good points.

As long as we don't go further and have awards like "Best Manga romantic Anthropomorphic comic in black and white“ or ”best Manga character that has yellow hair and no trousers" we'll probably be ok. ;)

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