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DD Desktop Alerter Sending "False" Updates...
reconjsh at 4:16PM, March 28, 2007
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I have 2 or 3 comics on my list of favorites that pop up on my DD Desktop Alerter as having “a new page for viewing” several times (3-10+ times) per day, every day. And it's always the same couple comics.

When I go check them out, these comics do not have a new page to view as the content there is all the same (it seems) and the comments - including mine from earlier - all remain as well.

Furthermore, these comics I'm “falsely” alerted to are displayed on the DD main page in the “Recently Updated Comics” area.

Is this a product of: 1) a bug on DD and/or with the DD Alerter?; 2) a finicky author constantly perfecting each page they post?; or 3) an author using some sort of exploit to keep their comic constantly in a status of “Recently Updated” for hours/days?

Either way, it's kind of annoying. And it's my hope that it's not some sort of exploit to keep their comics on “Recently Updated” status as they are stories and authors I respect and enjoy.

Any help? How do I stop this?

EDIT: Does this belong in the “Extermination Station”? This forum seemed the best fit, but it was kind of a toss-up.
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KevinClifford at 4:23PM, March 28, 2007
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Yeah, some times people do use that to get page views, however for the most part it is mostly caused by an incorrect date entered into the upload form. Since you cannot change the live date after you have uploaded, people tend to delete them real quick before your alerter pops up with it (I usually get my alerts 15 minutes after an update …) and then re-upload it on the correct day, which is usually the following day.

I need to post here more…
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reconjsh at 4:39PM, March 28, 2007
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I figured out what was going on. I no longer need this question answered.

Thanks. ;)
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legendkiller13 at 5:09PM, March 28, 2007
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i've wondered about this myself, i am working on a new page for brokk, and i wanted to see if what i was working on would look right resized and up and DD, so i posted it and then took my page back down, as it still needed alot of tweeking, i noticed Brokk as having recently updated on the list but in fact it hadnt, so i am sure its being used for the most part to generate static
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