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DD Insane Crossover
SarahN at 10:05PM, Oct. 11, 2007
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(If this is more Game material, feel free to move it.)

Ehm. I doubt this'll go anywhere, but I thought I'd give it a try anyway. First off, the “story” is simply typed here. No comic making, not that I don't think it would be cool to have it in comic format, but I am personally not up for that kind of extra work at the moment.

I'd hate to call it roleplay but it basically is roleplay. However, I want this to be a big goof-off thing, no huge descriptive paragraphs needed (unless you want to/it's necessary), no epic battles to save the Land of Elves.

Anyway, yeah…basically all you do is roleplay your character (or a caricature version of yourself, or someone else), talk to other characters, see if they hit it off, see if they want to kill each other, ect. ect.

The avatars are my idea, and yes I'd like it if people gave it a try. It's not required I guess. Writing's dandy and all, but I think pics make things a little more interesting. You can just have one to use over and over, or have several different emotions. I don't know if the avatars will end up being obnoxious/look funny though. Also any other art you want to contribute is accepted.


No huge avatars. Keep it 100x100 preferably.
If you want, give a little profile of your character first.


Other than that and don't be an ass…THERE ARE NO OTHER RULES! ….yet.

I shall start things off with my main man, Jack. So sorry if you don't like him, but I want to use him and I hafta get this started somehow. =)

Name: Jack Price
Race: Vampire
Age: Older than he looks.
Comic: Vampire Phantasm
Description: Jack is rather on the kooky side and often stalks people in hopes of sucking their blooood!


After his humiliating defeat at the hands of a garden gnome at some strange fighting competition, Jack the vampire decides to make the most of this new dimension he, for no apparent reason, suddenly teleported to. Thus he begins to explore the ‘city’ (it's night apparently), and notices a bar nearby.

Jack: “GOD, I wish I could still get drunk. Hm…maybe I'll still check it out.”

Jack walks into the bar.
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qdawg at 2:58PM, Oct. 15, 2007
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Ok I'll bite. Although this probably should be in games.

Race:100 meters. kidding he's a stickman.
Comic:A Look Into My Mind
Description:Average height, bald, skinny. Very strange, But good strange. Loves cracking jokes.

Out of nowhere Quinn comes running through the night into the bar hitting Jack. They both fall to the ground.

Jack: “Hey! Watch where your going.”

Quinn: “I was. I watched all the way till I hit you.”
Rockin it fatboy style.
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