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Delete Faves???
therealtj at 9:21PM, Feb. 6, 2008
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So, got this problem. I wan to Clear out my Faves a bit becaus I have some comics I don't want in there anymore. But problem: The new layout took away the “KillFav” button. I went the “Edit Faves” page where you determin suggested comics, and email updates. No Delete button. Is there any way to do it?

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skoolmunkee at 3:59PM, July 15, 2008
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Sorry for all the posts in this thread that got deleted, but I thought since this bug will probably be around for a while, I would make it a more tidy reference.

Courtesy of Spang and mapaghimagsik,

Hover over the “RSS” button of the comic you want to un-favorite, to get the comic ID number (it will display in the status area at the bottom of your page. The grey area that usually reads “Done” ). It would look like this:

423, in this case is the comic account number.

(If you are having trouble finding the RSS button, it's always located in the Drunk Duck toolbar at the top of every comic's page.)


Paste this URL into your browser's address bar, and replace the ### with the comic's ID number:

For example,

Click “go” or hit “Enter” to make your browser go to that URL. You should get a sort-of confirmation page. You've un-favorited it!
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RustyChain00 at 5:12AM, July 24, 2008
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Maybe it's just me but that sounds ridiculously complex for such a simple desire…
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skoolmunkee at 4:59AM, July 25, 2008
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It is :) deleting a favorite used to be very easy, there was just a button to click. when the sidebars were overhauled though, the button was removed and the coder didn't seem to notice that he'd removed the only way to delete a favorite. so we had to come up with a kind of roundabout way to do it. We've told platinum we want the ‘delete favorite’ button back again, and it seems some coding changes have been happening lately, so let's hope it comes back soon because it's super annoying to do it the long way…
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