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Deleting Favorites and Changing Avy
krazy_taco at 6:52AM, April 12, 2008
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Ok I know these are really stupid questions but I just can't seem to do it.
First question:
How do I delete favorites from my favorites?

Second Question:
How do I change my avy? I have changed it before but every time I load a picture that defiantly is 100x100 it doesn't show up. What's wrong with it?

Thankyou so much!

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skoolmunkee at 1:12PM, April 12, 2008
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Those are both two well-known bugs on the site, and are the priorities to fix. :) There's a workaround somewhere around here (probably even in this forum) for how to delete favorites… look for a thread with a similar title and about 2 pages worth of replies.

As for the changing avatar, the image server gets confused about which one to display. Try refreshing the page (ctrl-F5) you're on and you might see the new one. Many times, other people are seeing the updated version, but you aren't. Right now I see a girl in a red apple hat.
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krazy_taco at 12:14PM, April 13, 2008
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thanks ok

thats the ayi see too…

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Grumpy at 7:07PM, April 14, 2008
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I've had this problem with the avatars also, I had thought it was just me. Refreshing isn't working, and others are seeing the same old one I am.

Strangely, I put on Av.1, then changed to Av.2. When I tried to put on Av.3, it reverted back to Av.1. It tells me in ‘My Account’ that it's Av.3, but elsewhere it's always Av.1.

No other possible-solutions to this?
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Nai Chan at 3:22PM, April 15, 2008
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Same…I can't change mine either. Any idea how to fix this or, WHEN the bug is going to get sorted out?
My friend said she waited a day and her's changed, but I changed mine last night and even now 24 hours later - mine is still the same. :/
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