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Did we get deleted??? anyways slim red ninja is on the duck
slimredninja at 7:02AM, Dec. 5, 2006
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Thought i posted on here a couple of weeks ago but my message is gone so i probablly F@#%ed things up. Please check out or comic slim red ninja top notch art with a great story. Set in Detroit this one has it all nonstop blistering action with a great story Slim red ninja is the first urban anime . Also check out http://www.darkchamberart.netvisit us here at thats where we keep some pretty awsome other content alot of which will begin popping up on the duck.Our artist Brandon Clark is an rpg fan fave hes done interior and cover work for {RIFTS/CHAMPIONS AKA HEROES SYSTEMS/DRAGONSTORM/HEROES UNLIMITED/SPLICERS/AND BEYOND THE SUPERNATURAL} please help support a starving ninja today!!!!
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