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did your parents ever bring scary movies home?
PIT_FACE at 10:42AM, April 15, 2009
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I was traumatized by a clip of Chucky I saw on I Love the 80's at the tender age of 6. yeah, we weren't big on the horror and my parents never watched any of those movies. Now I love scary shit like that.

haha,i bet i know just the clip cuase that stuck with me too. i never watched horror movies when i was a kid, but somewhere along the way i musta seen Chucky becuase i always remembered that scene where he's going down the hall with the knife and that just scared the SHIT outa me when i was young. my bedroom was at the top floor of our house at the end of the hall and i'd freak myself out every night. so i'd go downstairs to the living room couch…didnt help that eventually Freddy Krueger lived in back of it…

but my dad and i used to watch Svenghoolie every week after the three stooges were on. and one day they had the original Night of the Living Dead on and all bets were off. fucking fell in LOVE with it.still am. Cinematic beauty.

but hell, isnt childhood much more fun when yer scared of everything?

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Red Slayer at 6:39PM, April 15, 2009
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Custard Trout
No, I recall my mother letting me watch them and turning me into a horror immmune film geek.
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Tundra at 6:28PM, April 16, 2009
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Nope. My parents didn't like scary movies. Though I did get freaked out about the end of The Sound of Music. Where they're hiding from the NAZIs. Forum for artists, writers, and other creative types. Get positive news here! Improve your day. Share your links.
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The Gravekeeper at 11:33AM, May 14, 2009
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Yup. Mom brought home “Night of the Living Dead”. I didn't understand most of it at the time, but I was intrigued. After watching “Poltergeist” soon after, I came to the conclusion that dead people are jerks. It wasn't until quite some time later that I realized that this isn't necessarily true, but by then I was hooked on the genre.

I mean, come on…what other genre of movies lets you see skinny, “pretty”, stuck-up knotheads get chopped up in oh-so-satisfying ways?
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Net at 11:53AM, May 14, 2009
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Horror movies always annoyed me as a kid because of how friggin illogical they were. And then I'd annoy my older brother or parents (depending on who rented it/was watching it) with all my inane questions.

Such as…

“Mom, if three of their friends have already died in horrible ways that they can't understand, why are they still camping out in the middle of nowhere, and why do they want to have sex instead of running like idiots to the nearest car?”

“Dad, why is that man running away from a doll? (Chuckie) He's got a head kinda like a football, why doesn't he just punt for the goalposts? SCORE, movie over.”

Things like that. :) Logic never did have much use for horror movies, I suppose…


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usedbooks at 3:03PM, May 14, 2009
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Nope. Scary movies are not to the taste of my family or me.

The first movie I remember being afraid because was dumbo. Mostly, I was confused and didn't understand the “pink elephant dream.” I don't think I got the context and so it was just this terrible illogical scene that caused me nightmares.

I loved “Are You Afraid of the Dark” when I was growing up, but that wasn't really meant to be a scary show. – My sister was seriously freaked out by the clown episodes, though.

I think the creepiest thing I ever saw was my first experience with anime. It was Perfect Blue. I saw it with my brother and later with my sister's friend. My sister refuses to watch it – ever. I later watched some non-animated Japanese horror-thrillers. They are very well done. They don't scare me though.

(I blame my parents for teaching me the difference between fiction and reality at a young age… Now the only thing that can disturb me is the news.)

I saw on I Love the 80's at the tender age of 6.
Ack! It WAS the 80's when I was six!
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