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DiEgo at 12:39AM, March 24, 2007
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Well howdy I'm saying hello again! Some old timer's might still remember me, but to most in this growin' community i'm a newbie. So hello.

Seeing as how I'm an adult now, legal drinkin' age and everything (hence the abundance of apostrophes, if you can connect th' dots) I might as well continue my true calling as a writer/cartoonist (since I've learned a few things since I've last made my presence known, gosh December 12th?).

Basically, I've got an itch to create that I ain't ever felt before, and I reckon that when my comics be uploaded again, they'll knock yo' socks off. Fo' shizzle.

I'm too drunk right now to remember what else I was wantin' to type, but to all the people who remember me, I'm still alive and I plan to come back big time. I never forgot about all the wonderful people I used ta know, and plan to know well again someday soon.

Happy creatin' yall,
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subcultured at 12:57AM, March 24, 2007
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who are you?
<—-going senile

welcome back dood
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Black_Kitty at 10:55PM, March 24, 2007
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YAY! Welcome back DiEgo! :D It's good to see you around again!
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Mister Spook at 8:49AM, March 25, 2007
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I find it funny that you try to make the drinking cartoonist thing sound like its unique. lol!

Welcome back, man!
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