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Angry_Young_Poor at 5:16PM, March 25, 2006
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If I plan on making my comic in MS Paint (Shut up, I can use illustrator)
what size should I use?

Actually…I DID one in illustrator and DD was too small for it or my AI file was too large. Like, width wise.

So, what size? Width more specificly.
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Goblyn at 6:27PM, March 25, 2006
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I usually stat with a canvas that is twice the size of the final Piece I want (For 8 1/2 x 11 I start with 17 x 22). I also use 300 dpi to start. When I'm done with inks and colors, I re-size to 1/2 the original size and set the resolution down to 72 dpi.

That's just ME, though.
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mykill at 8:52AM, March 26, 2006
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In Illustrator, when you “save for web”, you have the option to edit the pixel dimensions. If your page is vertical, 600-500 pixels wide can be the sweet spot.
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Inkmonkey at 11:35AM, March 26, 2006
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Actually, I personally use 800 wide if I'm doing anything full-page size. Height can be any length you feel like, but I personally try to keep it on or around 1000 pixels.
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Angry_Young_Poor at 9:04AM, March 27, 2006
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Well, I did a few comics in paint. And I think I got the dimensions right:
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