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Distinctive Advantages on CG'ing programs
Dan at 1:31PM, Dec. 23, 2005
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Well, sorry if I'm asking annoying questions about the programs, but since I've only been stuck to Photoshop 7, I'll have no idea what goods the other programs will have, so when it comes to using trial version, I'll need to know what features it'll have.

So here's the question: What are the distinctive advantages of PaintShopPro, Micromedia Flash (Obviously I know it makes flash movies, but I've heard that its airbrushing is good. Is that true?), and Adobe Illustrator.

If you know about at least one of these, I'd appreciate it if you post what you know.
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gigatwo at 4:29PM, Dec. 23, 2005
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Airbrushing in Macromedia flash? Can you really do that in a vector program? If it's there, then it's not in 2004.

I use flash and the gimp. I find myself using the gimp more, but only by a matter of personal prefrence.
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ccs1989 at 7:43PM, Dec. 23, 2005
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Photoshop CS is like…god. There is so much you can do with that program, and you never feel stuck. There's always some little thing I can do to get myself out of a bad situation with color by adjusting layers or undoing things or whatever. God I love Photoshop.

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mykill at 10:26PM, Dec. 23, 2005
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Okay, there are two types of computer art.

Bitmaps: this is literally a grid of pixels, very good for photos and paintings. This sort of image is locked into a resolution - you enlarge the image enough, the pixels become visable and distracting.

Programs that work with bitmaps: Photoshop is king, Gimp is free (no cmyk), Paintshop pro has its fans, I think everything else is lesser.

Vector: this is an image created of mathematically defined ‘shapes’. This is closer in paradigm to being in grade school and making images by cutting and pasting cut out construction paper. The beauty of vector art is that it is resolution independant, no matter how large or small you scale the image - the image quality is the same - the highest your printer is capable of. The medium has its limitations - photoreal and painterly images are highly difficult to achieve. For comics, vector ‘brushlines’ can be ‘authosmoothed’ giving you perfection it would otherwise take decades to achieve.

Vector art programs include: Illustrator, Flash, Freehand, Coreldraw - everything else is pretty mediocre I believe.

The exception is Canvas, Canvas is the swissarmy knife of graphics applications. If you can have only 1 program, Canvas will do everything to a professional standard: painting (bitmaps) vector (bezier curves), and even page layout capabilities ( like Quark or InDesign). Canvas does everything adequately and no one thing really well. It's a clunky interface too.

My preferance is for the adobe apps. But terrific work has been created with all the software I've mentioned.
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Anonymous at 4:04AM, Dec. 26, 2005
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Personally, I find Macromedia Fireworks to be ideal for both bitmaps and vector graphics. The only real problem is the price tag, but if you can find it with a student discount, most of that problem fades away.
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mykill at 2:15PM, Dec. 28, 2005
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I forgot to mention Painter, which is a pretty kick ass app for natural media emulation. The very latest version even allows you to mock up a perspective grid - a very very cool trick photoshop can't do.

Alas, the very latest version of Painter I've not been able to run it well at all, it's a tremendous resource hog : 3 gigaherts processor and 500mg or 1 gig of ram may be minimum requirements. Dual processor or an intel/AMD processer than pretends could only help, as would 64 bit processing (standard on new MAC towers).

If I could run it properly, I feel I could find myself using painter exclusively - as a customizeable perspective grid effectively eliminates the need to draw the page in pencil first. The only bitch is that you'll have to micromanage creating a virtual 102 hunt nib or kolinsky brush as these basic tools are NOT default.

Fireworks? I don't like it, but its a personal preferance. For web optimization I much prefer Image Ready - which is free with Photoshop.
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