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Kroatz at 7:54AM, Aug. 31, 2010
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I hereby officially insult you:
Why would you click that link? Do you have a deathwish or were you just not smart enough to actually read the words? Anyways, here's something useful:

The feeling you get, right before you poop.
That's the best feeling in the world.

- Albert Einstein
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BffSatan at 5:12AM, Sept. 1, 2010
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Why do you tease me with death's sweet embrace, only to pull it away so harshly?
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subcultured at 1:02PM, Sept. 1, 2010
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handyhippie65 at 12:30PM, Sept. 8, 2010
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everybody dies, you didn't say WHEN we would die.lol those who fear death, spend their entire life living in fear. death won't find me cowering in a corner, i will welcome death like a lover, with open arms!… just hopefully not today!
uhhh…(tap,tap,tap) is this thing on? hey does it look like i'm talking to a bunch of robot penises?
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AQua_ng at 5:57PM, Sept. 9, 2010
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Oh, I get it.

K.A.L.A-dan! Brigade Captain :D
K.A.L.A.-dan forums!
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callyabo at 8:30PM, Sept. 18, 2010
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Admittedly, I was very hesitant to click on that. At least I'd have died doing something I love though right?
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GameCargo at 8:16AM, Sept. 21, 2010
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Death is unfortunately inevitable :(
Going through motions while I get my head straight.
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Evil_Hare at 10:53AM, Oct. 27, 2010
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Unless you're a jedi, then you get to come back all shiny and wise. Unless you're Jar Jar Binks, then you come back shiny and annoying as hell.

Unless you're a cat, then you come back 8 times before someone finally punches your ticket.

Unless you play Ancient Anguish (anguish.org 2222) then Death and Lars sing ‘bright side of life’ before sending you back.

Unless you play WoW, then you just become a zombie…
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Armagedon at 3:35PM, Oct. 27, 2010
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If u play wow you have the choice of running back to your body where the enemy is waiting to kill you again
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Zad at 9:25PM, Nov. 5, 2010
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i kent red ar rite ken yu tel me wat CLICK is?????
i dd nat no tat yu can put C's nekst to K's lyk tat is tat gud engles???
end wat is YOULL????
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Doodstormer at 9:59PM, Nov. 5, 2010
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I was never taught how to read or write. I guess that spares me from the many horrible deaths I'm assured by reading topics like these and not passing on copypastas.
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Sahrimnir at 7:25AM, Nov. 8, 2010
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“To die would be a great adventure”.
Yeah sure, I love life and wouldn't want it to end too soon, but living constantly afraid of death is not actually living. I take risks every once in a while. Now I took the risk that this thread had the magical power of making me instantly drop dead when I clicked it. It apparently didn't.
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KnaveMurdok at 3:58AM, Dec. 8, 2010
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KnaveMurdok at 3:59AM, Dec. 8, 2010
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