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Do you let your mind wander too much?
Deadpool at 10:24PM, Dec. 30, 2008
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Mine tend to be strangley violent… If I'm sitting somewhere public I'll consider what'd happen if *that* crazy person or *those* chavs tried to start something and how id beat them down… Although if I'm alone it'll wander all over… I mostly try to day dream about comic ideas/movie plots or things to invent, or why it is I fear things/analyse myself… I do the last one a lot… But then I forget them all… Then I'll consider the best ways to change the world for the better… I think too big… If only I could do my college cw…
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BffSatan at 10:42PM, Dec. 30, 2008
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I'm constantly thinking of new comic ideas like this, most of them are still waiting to be made into comics.
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highspeedcomics at 1:15PM, Jan. 17, 2009
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A resounding “most definitely” here.
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Whirlwynd at 3:09PM, Jan. 17, 2009
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I've always been a daydreamer but I learned to balance it so I get enough information to function. Which is good because some positions I substitute for at the plant take almost no brainwork. If I don't let my mind wander I'll burn out.

I'm all over the place with where my mind actually goes. I'd have to say for the greater portion of it I think about stories I'm working on.

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Sajomir at 3:11PM, Jan. 21, 2009
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My mind wanders ALL OVER the place, and it doesn't help when I have an internet window browser open…
There's a reason why it only takes 4-5 hours of work for me to draw a comic page and yet I can only squeeze out one page a week D:
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Glarg at 3:30PM, Jan. 21, 2009
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I tend to let my mind float around about how robotic parts and computer pieces fit together, if I can find faces out of inanimate objects, and if I can create characters out of those inanimate objects. They all seem so “Tim Burtonish” in my mind and they all have these weird ass adventures. Life in my subconscious is what I would believe an acid trip would be like: colorful, ignorance to understand, and ecstatic.
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