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Do you use a carefully edited script or just go with the flow?
Frostflowers at 7:13AM, Oct. 15, 2007
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I have the overarcing plot in my head - as well as scribbled down in a couple of paragraphs in a document somewhere - but I write out the script chapter by chapter. That way, I always know what's coming up on the next page, and how many pages each scene is going to take. Also, it keeps me from writing myself into corners.

As far as dialogue goes… I write it down in the script, go back and edit it five times, and then change it one final time when I actually draw the page. Dialogue is one of those tricky things, since it nearly always comes out sounding too formal for me, the first couple of times - it's only when I've got the character's expression down that I can do the final dialogue-tweaking.

I really ought to do a more detailed outline for the plot, but I haven't had the time, since I've got so many other projects going at the same time. I'll sit down later, though, and write out a more detailed plot.
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okamimako at 8:34PM, Oct. 18, 2007
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Looking at everyone's techniques, I just keep thinking on how shoddy my own is… I just have an idea about what happens next in my comic, then generally what happens in the next page I have planned. Then dialogue just kinda pops up; apparently this seems seemingly rare, but I always have the feeling of all the characters acting everything out in my head, as if they aren't really my own creations. So they're there, acting everything out, then I remember as much as I can, then edit it down to the page when I sketch it. When I start doing my dialogue on the computer, I try to mentally edit it for flow, more or less.

But doing the script beforehand takes all the fun out of watching and hearing my characters at the same time, especially since I'll have dialogue and have no idea what the action was, or I wrote down the action yet it falls flat when I go over the dialogue again, or whatever. I'm a very arbitrary person, so chances are that if I spend that much time on a script, I'll end up changing it the next day.
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