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Do you watch TV?
Thevampire_kain01 at 6:57AM, Oct. 23, 2007
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The newspaper? Yes i read it…. life…. News of the wierd… .you know…. stuff like that. But come on! T.V. shows like these how can you not watch T.V.? Family Guy!, and … The simpsons… and, American dad… Come on! (some more pics!), and who could forget Adult swim with this show. …. wow… i found this…. thats all i can find interesting.
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Priest_Revan at 9:45AM, Oct. 23, 2007
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I do, but only my favorite shows, like Futurama, Law & Order, Ghost Hunters, Digimon, Billy and Mandy, Eureka, The 4400, etc. I don't usually just watch TV for no reason. And I can't stand watching shows on DVD. I prefer to catch them when they come on. I watch movies on DVD. I have had the entire series of Garfield and Friends for years now, and have only seen about 30% of the episodes since I got them.

Finally, someone who has good taste in television.

God, everyone I know watches freakin' “Tyra”… -_-
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marine at 9:58AM, Oct. 23, 2007
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I watch a few things:

History Channel is my go to place. I usually watch everything they have on. Wild West, World War 2, Modern Marvels, how things are made, the end of the world, specials about medievil war fare, the occasional epic historical film like Ben Hur or Braveheart. I can and do watch this channel all day. When I have stuff to do, I usually avoid it. If I'm at the house and nothings going on, I'm alone and bored, the history channel is my first choice.

Discovery channel has some interesting stuff like Survivor man or man vs wild. I can watch Mythbusters and enjoy it. I like watching the stuff on here and national geographic about animals in Africa or places like Antarctica and theres an overly annoying guy (like the late crocodile hunter) getting way to close to dangerous baboons or polar bears. I love that type of stuff. Anything informative, I like.

Military Channel is like an all war version of the history channel. Guns, a lot of Vietnam, and a lot of stuff about military tactics and various informations about the history of war. Its good stuff.

For tv shows, I'll go to HBO or FX. They have their shit together. Nip/Tuck, Sopranos, OZ, The Wire, The Shield, Rescue Me, Lucky Louie, Curb Your Enthusism. They have some stuff that doesn't really appeal to me, but its still better than crappy sitcoms. Its hard hitting drama at its best.

Speaking of drama, I watch TNT and USA. They have on Law & Order all fucking day. Theres rarely a time when Law & Order of some flavor isn't on. My favorite is SVU. Every episode is turned up to eleven with craziness. I love it. I love cop shows where the cops beat up the bad guys, and the dude on here has beaten some ass. Not as good as the guys on The Shield, but done in a more flashy and excessive way. The show also has Richard Belzer and Ice T as detectives. Whats not to love?

The only show I really go out of my way to watch is South Park. And even then, only when a new season is going on. Its so similar in content to my work I have to keep watching it to make sure I don't do the same thing or similar things. I try my best not to do stuff they've already done. Same thing with The Simpsons. I don't watch family guy because it reminds me of the time I watched a cartoon thats jokes had nothing to do with storyline or characters. I gave up on adult swim. I might check out Metalacalyspe or the Boondocks, but generally I avoid cartoon network and go to boomerang for older cartoons.

I own a couple shows on dvd. A few seasons of South Park. Chappelle Show. I got a box set of Mr. Bean. I keep looking for Three Stooges and Looney Toons box sets, I've found some stuff, but its not what I want. I got Ren & Stimpy and Beavis and Butthead. I'm on the lookout for Tales From The Crypt. I'd buy Sienfield if I had the cash to spare. All that stuff is a big influence on me and my writing and comedy style. Be it overly elaborate sophisticated itellectual refrencial humor that two people will get or a guy getting hit with a board in the face.

Turner Classic Movies and American Movie Classics are two of my favorite channels as well. TCM plays older stuff and has a guy come out and talk about it. I love that. They play old Looney Toons on Saturday morning. Its great.

Most of the day I listen to sirius radio or play xbox. I'll watch movies on the movie channels too, hbos cinimax, showtimes and whatever else. I like IFC and Sundance, they show some more obscure stuff. Sci Fi channel shows some really great horrible B-movies every month that they advertise as original movies. I've seen giant snakes and lizards with modern computer special effects, and its still as silly as it always was. I miss the days of Montstervision late at night every night.

This month I'm watching out for the old universal monster movies. I saw the wolfman the other day, but no sign of frankenstien or dracula. I'd like to watch some more hammer horror stuff too. I need to just find a big box set of all this shit so I don't have to wait for the TV to play what I want. I can never find anything that I want.
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Custard Trout at 12:15PM, Oct. 23, 2007
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Cartoon Network is the devils physical form.

It makes sense. No you shut up.

Anyway, interesting thing happened! A few days after I posted in this thread I got a letter from the TV License people telling me to renew my TV license.

Did I mention in my earlier post that I don't own a TV and never have?

They want me to send them a letter. Is their office based in the stone age or something?

For the love of all that's holy, can a mod get rid of Kain's post? Please?
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Dan at 12:21PM, Oct. 23, 2007
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If I EVER do watch TV, here's what I watch:

Camp Lazlo on Cartoon Network
Futurama on Cartoon Network
Robot Chicken on Cartoon Network
South Park on Comedy Central
Dogfight on History Channel
And… and… …Good god, this is all I've been watching for 2 years?
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barking_frog at 5:54PM, Oct. 23, 2007
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fox has forced me to stop watching tv

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SarahN at 6:09PM, Oct. 23, 2007
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That's a cool picture, but they look rather out of character….come on, an EYEPATCH? She is an ALIEN with ONE EYE. LITERALLY.
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giadrosich at 8:00PM, Oct. 24, 2007
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Nope. Took John Prine's advice years ago and blew it up.
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Poke Alster at 12:50PM, Oct. 29, 2007
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TV is awesome, why cant anyone see that
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