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Does America Need Corperal Punishment?
Pulse at 8:22AM, Jan. 14, 2008
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Well this is my first topic in the debate section and let me frist tell you this..I am a full supporter of corperal Punishment to an extent. I have noticed how many parents are complaining abot “kids these days”. Well let me tell you something those parentss who say that are not in fare of corperal punishment. Yeah I know kids shouldnt be abused thats a horrible thing to abuse a kid. But have you heard? A dad spanked his child and got sued! WTF! he didn't abuse him or anything then why sue him I think parents should learn to take more control of their kids. All this organic crap isn't gonna help (yeah I know totally irrelevent) anyways so I favor corperal punishment when it comes to spankings or light taps on his/her arm but I am not in favor of abusing a child with punches or pulling hair or something how about you?
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RabbitMaster at 9:22AM, Jan. 14, 2008
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It is my right as a parent to discipline my children in whatever way I see fit provided that it is not abusive. I discipline them for their own benefit so that they may learn that there are consequences for undesireable behavior. It is done in a Biblical manner with compassion, love and only when necessary to deal with a behavior. I take no particular joy in it. Not only do I have a right to deal with my children as I see fit, I have a responsibility to the rest of society not to turn a sociopath loose on the streets who has no concept of right and wrong.

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Pulse at 11:49AM, Jan. 14, 2008
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couldn't agree more.
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imshard at 12:06PM, Jan. 14, 2008
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Yeah I agree with that assessment. All things within reason.
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CharleyHorse at 12:16PM, Jan. 14, 2008
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Let's take it from a different perspective. One of practicality. Without consistent and dependable consequences most children are not going to embrace behavior patterns that are conducive to producing long term benefits to himself and society. To get by in life one generally needs to have or to learn a certain degree of discipline and determination, courtesy, and outward honesty .

Call it what you will, original sin or animal nature, but the fail safe nature of the human creature is not sweetness and light. I happen to believe this is because we are omnivores. Other people have their own theories regarding the innate state of human nature and they are welcome to them.

Based on observational evidence and the vast weight of history and literature, however, people generally revert to something approaching savagery when bereft of rules and regulations and the enforcement mechanism that makes those elements meaningful. A relatively modern classic, The Lord of the Flies, more or less illustrates that point.

Consequences whether in the form of a verbal admonition, body language, rule-based consequence or swift swat on the behind have to exist in order for most youngsters to learn acceptable patterns of behavior that will later become their bulwark against the slings and arrows of outrageous fortunes that will inevitably come their way as adults. If you don't know how to act and don't outwardly act within certain societal rules and common customs you are going to have a hard road ahead of you indeed.

So the above serves as my justification for discipline in general in the lives of either children or adults. Now adults generally, outwardly ‘behave’ simply because most of them are very much aware that there are swift and relentless and inevitable consequences coming their way for rash or stupid or anti-societal actions taken. If you run a red light then you are probably going to get a ticket, and therefore you will tend not to run many or any red lights if you can help it at all.

So forth and so on, in nearly every aspect of the adult life there are consequences.

Ironically, and perhaps because we want to wrap our children up in cotton wool from the crib to the playground to senior high school, there are fewer meaningful consequences for most children in the United States. Being allowed to do mostly what they want when they want to do so many children do not grasp the concept of consequences except where immediate physical survival is concerned and have no use for the apparently useless customs of self-discipline, respect for adults, or courtesies.

So is the solution to start swatting youngsters on the behind? That depends on the particular youngster.

Not all people respond the same way to the same forms of punishment. My elder brother, for instance, could have been beaten to a pulp by an authority figure during his youth and would have damn near died before altering his intentions. Whereas if you were to restrict him to the confines of the house for a week he would have been putty in the hands of the authority figure.

Where I was concerned you could take away everything I had and lock me in a closet and I would never have budged my habits, and ditto for spankings. But merely ‘telling’ me how disappointed you were in my actions and logically explaining why it was important that I do things differently, would bring me to tears and generate a contrite and cooperative attitude.

I had a hardheaded sister, though, that WOULD ONLY respond to spankings. Nothing else would really work with her.

Whether youngster or adult we do not all think alike or react in the same way to the same forms of discipline . Not all children respond to reasonable explanations and ‘time outs’ . Not all children, however, respond to spankings . Some youngsters, indeed, only respond to one or the other or an uncertain mixture of both.

So there you have it. Spankings are not a universal cure all for bad behavior but then neither are the other recommendations already discussed. When it comes to discipling children it's best to keep an open mind about options and do not be over eager to reach for the paddle.
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