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Don't feed the deer
subcultured at 6:19PM, Dec. 6, 2008
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Nara Deer Park, Japan. She made the mistake of giving them a couple pieces of bread. .

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warefish at 1:34AM, Dec. 7, 2008
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piraterpg at 12:51AM, Dec. 8, 2008
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they're swarming!! :D

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Puff_Of_Smoke at 2:33PM, Dec. 8, 2008
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I'm-I'm home sick now…

I loved it when foreigners did that…
I have a gun. It's really powerful. Especially against living things.
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Croi Dhubh at 8:18PM, Dec. 8, 2008
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FEAR THE DEER! They are obviously getting higher intelligent thought and beginning their plans for domination!

I, for one, will welcome our new masters…WITH A 7Mag REMINGTON SAVAGE!
Liberate Tutemae Ex Inferis
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Nintendude at 10:57AM, March 14, 2009
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BEHOLD my deer army that begs just like a dog or cat would!
Be afraid!
AWESOME MAN! Here to make the day more AWESOME…..MAN!
Dun dun dun awesomeman AWESOME MANNN!
*repeats until your head explodes*
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Jonko at 8:11PM, March 14, 2009
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I've been here. It's really scary… The whole area is pretty much made up of deer!
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