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Drawing a blank
Glass_Ink at 7:15AM, Nov. 6, 2007
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It`s been so long since I last posted a comic, or even logged on that I wounder how the rest of you keep up with it… Any suggestions for keeping the faith with ones comic, or how to genarate fresh ideas?
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Frostflowers at 11:09AM, Nov. 6, 2007
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Whenever I get too burnt out on my comic, I step back for a while and do something else. If that doesn't help, I try to return to the comic and do some exercises (which also work for prose-writing, I've found). I try to pick apart my plot in its most basic components - I take each character and try to sum them up in as few words as possible; basic motivation, basic position in the plot (antagonist, protagonist, secondary character, etc., etc.), a summary of their personality in a sentence, things like that.

It helps me refresh my view of my characters. Once I've done that, I look at the plot the same way; I simplify as far as possible, and then play about with the basic components of it.

As for how to generate new ideas….. Read books. Read other comics. Watch movies. Listen to music. Take every little flash of inspiration that you get and write it down, and then throw it all together and see what happens. Good luck! :)
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usedbooks at 12:31PM, Nov. 6, 2007
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I had a couple weeks of writer's block recently. (My problem is getting farsighted – seeing a place I want to be in the story but having no clue or interest in the in-between.) Rather than force it (which leads to uninspired plot/dialogue), I wait it out. In the meantime, I draw non-canonical sketches of my characters, fanart, community project stuff, etc. I work on other projects (other stories I'm writing), and I watch some of my favorite movies/shows and read my favorite books. I've found that the best inspiration strikes unexpectedly, and I'm always glad I waited for it. (But never stop practicing writing or drawing while you are “waiting.” )

The trick is to have a large enough buffer and a reasonable update schedule to allow for moderate stretches of idealessness. Then you create the illusion of a constant outpouring of uninterrupted brilliance. ;)
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