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Drunk Duck Alerter
Dominique at 9:59PM, Nov. 10, 2006
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Im currently (by currently I mean right now) downloading the DDA V1 and just wondered… does it slow anyone elses computer down? And if I dont like it, is there any way to delete it or just not have it run once its set up?
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Terminal at 6:42AM, Nov. 11, 2006
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The Alerter will only show up when you choose to run it. Even when you have the program opened, the Alerter will not be a big deal because it runs silently on your System Tray (where the clock is.)

As for slowing down computers, the Alerter will not do that. The Alerter uses a small 18,948k of memory on your computer (explorer.exe, the most important program that is running currently on your comp takes at least 16,292k.) compare that to the whopping 65,888k's of memory the Mozilla Firefox Web browser uses.
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