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Drunk Duck Quiz Show
Rudolf at 7:27AM, Dec. 18, 2007
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Just an idea that I thought would be fun. (Don't know if it's been kicked around already)

It would work a little something like this:

Just as an example I would draw a page of one of my characters asking a question about my comic. Then whoever reads it and wants to play can just post their answers in the comments. Another person would draw their character maybe revealing the answer to the last question and then asking a question about their comic next and so on. We could keep track of all viewer's correct answer and maybe offer a little prize at the end to the reader with the most. I can't offer a real prize so I would do something like artwork or fanart. If other people join in maybe they'd be willing to offer something better. I figure if it would update daily then we could have like a quiz show last every two weeks or whenever.

I think it'll be fun because it could be part quiz show part treasure hunt and may allow people to find your comic that they never knew existed before. (though I suppose the prize would have to be pretty enticing).

I'm sure there are some kinks to work out. Like I'm probably not the best person to start it because I just started my comic but I suppose I could work something out. I also suppose there'd have to be some criteria for questions and what not.

It's just a thought. Anybody else interested?

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