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Drunk Duck will be closing down
ipokino at 9:13AM, Sept. 29, 2008
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Like everyone else who has found a home here, I would be devastated if DD took a header…but surprisingly enough, there are so many fantastic comics listed here, with so many talented people working on them–if we put all that together in a weblist–we could really make things happen…I believe! Marvel Comics started with far less!
I often wish DD had a publishing arm (yeah, I know, sell your soul to Platinum Studios and you too can have a go…….) that actually put out a hardcopy booklist. Sort of a Comicbook Lulu. No one goes to Lulu for comic books much, but here on DD, everyone stops by. How hard would it be to form a DD POD? DD has access to advertisers–which could make actual hardcopy comics being made as POD a real, money making concern as opposed to just a vanity publisher! Just a thought!
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Biz3 at 9:41AM, Sept. 29, 2008
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I'd be pretty bummed if Drunk Duck suddenly one day shut down. Really enjoying this place.

But, if it was to happen, I'd probably scrap together the pages of my comic and wander off to find a new place suitable to host webcomics, and put it up there.

That, or march in protest and demand the site to be brought back up. Choices, choices…
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Raccoo at 10:16PM, Sept. 29, 2008
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I think what should be made if DD ever go under, is a website that tracks comics the way DD favorites works. Not necessarily a place to host them, since I doubt everyone would go there. Just somewhere people can log in and have links to comics. It'd be even better if it kept up with page updates and you could comment on them, but that might be too difficult.
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n_y_japlander at 9:36PM, Sept. 30, 2008
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(OO) After screaming, kicking stuff, and then crying for several days… I would try and find a new home for Raw Fish. But, I know that no other place on the net would be the same… Drunk Duck brought me back to the drawing table (now computer) to draw. This site has the best community hands down. I have seen may other comic hosting sites, but their surfability is cumbersome to say the least.
I am in the process of making Raw Fish's own home, but will always post here!!

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Hapoppo at 11:22AM, Oct. 1, 2008
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I already have Punk-Pink! on MySpace, DeviantArt, Smack Jeeves, and ComicSpace, and I have to migrate to in the worst case scenario, so I wouldn't technically NOT have anywhere to go, but Drunk Duck seems to be where I get the most feedback from people, so it's not like I wouldn't be losing anything, either.
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Katsu at 1:57PM, Oct. 7, 2008
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I would resurrect my old website known as Miss Grey to host my comics on again, but I wouldn't go to any other hosting site such as Drunk Duck. I have a devianArt site too, but I don't live on it.
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Mushroomcomix at 2:47PM, Oct. 12, 2008
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I would be very sad, I can't imagine going anywhere else. I may be fairly new to this site but I love it. I just may have to learn how to build my own site if that ever happens.
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herio at 11:58PM, Oct. 12, 2008
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go back to hanging around gaia more offen
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cool guy at 12:15PM, Oct. 18, 2008
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I'd die.I made too many friends here.I would keep on making comics but I'd be really depressed.
This life we live shall soon be past,only what's done for Christ shall last! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
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Knuckles at 11:31AM, Oct. 22, 2008
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I sincerely doubt that DD will be going away anytime soon. We have such a great and large community here who have contributed so much and continue to do so. If DD does end up going away, howere, then I'm pretty sure someone from the community will work on trying to resurrect it in some shape or form again.

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Molechan at 12:27PM, Oct. 26, 2008
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D: I'd probably be sad. I'd miss the possibility for feedback, but I do have other places to post, so it's not like it'd be all over.
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