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Dumbest Robbers ever (*Warning! Involves angry bikers!*)
Kohdok at 7:29PM, Feb. 29, 2008
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(CNN) – Two masked and machete-wielding men who barged into a club in Sydney, Australia, couldn't have picked a worse night for their robbery – a monthly meeting of bikers.

The robbers chose the wrong night to burst into the club where the Southern Cross Cruiser Club have their monthly meeting.

About 50 burly bikers fought back with tables and chairs – pretty much anything that wasn't bolted down. One would-be robber was tied up; the other in the hospital.

Police arrested both.

“These guys were absolutely dumb as bricks,” Jerry Vancornewal, leader of the bikers, told CNN Thursday. “I can't believe they saw all the bikes parked up front and they were so stupid that they walked past in.”

Vancornewal and his buddies were at the Regents Park Sporting and Community Club in Sydney when the two men wearing ski masks stormed in Wednesday night. They yelled at patrons to drop to the floor as they emptied cash registers at the bar.

Hearing the commotion from an adjacent room, Vancornewal and his pals with the Southern Cross Cruiser motorcycle club stomped through to the bar area to intervene.

“They (the robbers) thought they had the upper advantage with their knives and their machetes,” Jim Webb, night supervisor of the club, told CNN. “They didn't expect to run into a bunch of guys carrying chairs and tables.”

One of the would-be robbers crashed through a plate-glass door and jumped off a balcony.
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Eunice P at 2:58AM, March 1, 2008
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I guess the robbers only thought of robbing and getting out of the scene as soon as they could but it turned out to be a horrible mistake in their plan.

Kudos to the bikers for their utmost bravery.
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