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Eh, not new to DD, just to the forums. ^^;
xXIntegralEinXx at 1:00PM, March 21, 2007
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My name is Ein. I have been a member of both SJ and DD for about the same amount of time, but got busy and forgot about both for a while…So, here i am, posting in teh DD forums.

I don't remember if there is a profile thingy on here or if i edited it…so i shall say a bit about me here…

I like anything Asian. I play Shamisen (if you wanna know what that is just ask) and i am REALLY bad at art. I have a seperate artist to do mine, so it works out…

I am open minded, and pretty darn cool. Really…

Jude K.A. Boi
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Priest_Revan at 3:41PM, March 21, 2007
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Updates Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday's (depends).


Offering Project Wonderful Ad space on my website.
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