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Eh, Why not
Nowhereville Inc at 6:05AM, Oct. 5, 2006
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Hello there Drunk Duck! Kali, Jesse, and Josh are here finally bringing the DD our comic “Nowhereville Inc.”

Not my first post and some of you may have seen me in the Picture Thread commenting on Jay and Silent Bob O: (we've got pictures on there now)

But I figured “Eh, I'm bored, mom's not here to take me to school yet, so I'll post a ”Hi there“ thread on DD”

And here it is.

Yeah… Awesome, huh.
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KomradeDave at 6:14AM, Oct. 5, 2006
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Hi back
Handshakes and mustaches are the only ways to know how much you can truly trust a man.
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Vaoni at 6:44AM, Oct. 5, 2006
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truely awesome.. maybe even more awesome than pie
wait.. no.. nothings more awesome than pie.

Welcome anywho!

- Updated! 1.10.06
“You'd never get a cat to be a servant. You ever see a cat return a stick? ”Hey man! You threw the stick, you go get it yourself! I'm busy! If you wanted the stick so bad, why'd you throw it away in the first place?"
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xkyuketsuki at 2:49PM, Oct. 8, 2006
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Hi bored persons ^_^
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Adariel at 8:12PM, Oct. 8, 2006
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a warm hello from another bored person
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