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Embaressing stories!
ozoneocean at 7:38PM, Jan. 24, 2011
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Jake Richmond
Warning: Contains poop.
I think we have the winner.
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Doodstormer at 9:08PM, Jan. 24, 2011
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I don't really have anything specific, but since I gesture a lot when I talk, there's a lot of times where I've swatted stuff out of peoples' hands or hit people as they pass by. There's no feeling like talking to your friends and suddenly there's M&Ms flying through the air like in those Skittles commercials.
Along with any situation where I'm walking while having a conversation, the likelihood of crashing into something or someone increases based on how interesting the conversation is, and automatically ramps up to 100% if the person is female.

Oh there was also this time when I thought it would be funny to go up the down escalator, not realizing there was a security station literally right at the bottom of said escalator.
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NickyP at 11:33PM, Jan. 25, 2011
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Oh there was also this time when I thought it would be funny to go up the down escalator, not realizing there was a security station literally right at the bottom of said escalator.

Oh bro, I totally did the same thing when I was like 16! I just decided to run up the down escalator, and to my surprise a mall cop was RIGHT behind me! He totally yelled at me infront of all the customers in that Macy's… it was pretty embaressing.
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Faliat at 5:43AM, March 17, 2011
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I'm not sure sure if I'm embarrassed, shocked, amused or all three but…

I broke my nose and got a mild concussion this morning in college.

On a computer chair.

On the PADDED side of a computer chair!

And IT hit ME!

Thsi is the same person that rammed headfirst into a wall during a game of charades, got beat up every odd day in high school and was hit in the face with kicked basketballs several times AND NOW MY NOSE DECIDES TO BREAK BECAUSE OF A CHAIR?!?!?!

Call that jumped up metal rod a knife?
Watch mine go straight through a kevlar table, and if it dunt do the same to a certain gaixan's skull in my immediate vicinity after, I GET A F*****G REFUND! BUKKO, AH?!

- Rekkiy (NerveWire)
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OnlyFoolsAndVikings at 5:09PM, March 17, 2011
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Well, the most stick out moment was probably when my Grandmother told me in a shopping centre that she thought Ghandi was “Evil” and a “Hethan”. She also delcared that Aboriginal people of Australia should be forced to learn white ways.

Gotta love granny :/
of all the things I've lost I miss my mind the most.
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itsjustaar at 2:29AM, April 6, 2011
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I got something that was such an uber fail on my part recently. xD

Two nights before I got Featured, I was totally spazzed out and started jokingly submitting any drawings or doodles of the comic on this GMD group on dA.. I think I mighta been drunk, too.

“Man, you think anyone's gonna notice if I just posted my stuff there? Those guys like mice in clothing solvin'… solvin-y stuff, right?” I thought to myself. “Maybe they'll catch on considering the themes and, y'know… check it out.”

So for about an hour I sent them maybe ten random pages, comic or otherwise, because dA's got that loophole where you don't technically need to be a member of the group to submit work. Sometimes you'll get a “pending” message, but otherwise it'll just automatically approve it. Can be virtually anything, I figured.

I came back to that site to see if they took it, and it looks like my guess was wrong. xD Nothing went in, and the place is active. Looked better than it did years ago, though. I woulda imagined it woulda went into the OC folder, if not a sub-section. Ah well.

Oh man, I dunno what I was thinking. I'm such an idiot. xD
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