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Errr, changing avatar?
Crazy Dutchman at 11:15AM, Oct. 6, 2006
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Okay, I've spended about 15 minutes now to try all kinds of ways to change my avatar, but nothing happends. Suppose it should be very simple but…. HOW DO I DO IT?
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Terminal at 7:44AM, Oct. 7, 2006
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Did you try clearing your cache?

After you upload your avatar and you don't see it. you can clear your cache and have the avatar show up. You can do this, like this:

(for firefox)

1. Click Tools and select Options.
2. Click the Privacy Icon.
3. Click Clear across from the Cache option.
4. Click Ok.

(for internet explorer)

1. Click Start, select Settings and Control Panel.
2. Double-click Internet Options to open Internet Properties.
3. Click Delete Files.
NOTE: Do not select Delete Cookies. Delete Cookies removes all the cookies stored on the computer.
4. Click OK on the Delete Files dialog box.
5. Click OK.
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skoolmunkee at 11:08AM, Oct. 7, 2006
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Also, make sure it is 100x100 or less, 10kb or less, and is either gif or jpg… I'm not sure if it accepts png, and it won't take swf :)
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