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Everybody Stare at the New Girl!
Heltha at 12:36PM, March 2, 2008
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Hello! I'M NEW, (the capitals are because I only get to say it once).
Pleased to meet you all I'm sure. Please check out my comic as it's in it's absolute baby stages and you want to able to say that YOU were THERE at the beginning don't you?
Thank you and Hello again, Heltha xx
Nerd Pride
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CoyoteLongshot at 12:50PM, March 2, 2008
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I'm on the Hairway to Steven, baby!
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Heltha at 1:12PM, March 2, 2008
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lol, Why thank you.
Nerd Pride
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Steely Gaze at 2:28PM, March 2, 2008
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Welcome! Maybe you'd consider regaling us with a little more about yourself? You see, if you plug your comic more than you introduce yourself, this thread is likely to get locked and that would be sad, wouldn't it? C'mon, you can do it!

What are some of your likes or dislikes? And don't say comics, because trust me, everyone says comics. :P
A Roll of the Dice now with full-size pages!

John Clyde now with ten times the tacky Hawaiian shirts!
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Orange at 3:48PM, March 2, 2008
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You heard Steely there…=P

Anyway, hello there!
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crazyninny at 7:03PM, March 2, 2008
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Renga Studio at 10:36PM, March 2, 2008
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Hello THERE, Heltha! The DrunkDuck Welcome Wagon–that's us–warmly welcome YOU and your characters to our webcomics community! :) So YOU'RE NEW around here, huh? We can tell. YOU know, I remember what it was like to be NEW when I first moved into DrunkDuck. *Sigh* So many unsettling memories… So, how about inviting ME, Renga Studio, into your account for a small accountwarming party? YOU can totally trust ME as your accountguest, for I am 100% moral, normal, and sane; right, guys? Oh, and if THEY tell YOU anything otherwise about ME, Heltha, DON'T listen to THEM!

Renga: How are you everyone !!
Renga: All your weather are control by me.
Renga: I has a weather machine.
DrunkDuck: What you say !!
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zekletau at 3:55AM, March 3, 2008
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O_O … You told me to stare. ^_^ Anyways, HELLO THERE!… O_O
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crocty at 7:50AM, March 3, 2008
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New blood!
Let's give him a swirl–A girl!?

Seriously, no matter what you do, as long as you're a girl, you will be treated well.
Except by steely. He is mean. >: (

Welcome to DD!
Oh, how do I edit this again?
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Ailorn at 9:09AM, March 3, 2008
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Renga, its a little scary when you say to trust you…o,o Anyway WELCOME! Yes do tell us about yourself. No worries, i made the same plug related mistake. Everyone is very friendly here so dont be shy ^-^
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Custard Trout at 9:20AM, March 3, 2008
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Hello and welcome to you. If you ever see something slimy and purple, please don't touch it and let me know immediately. Bloody thing got out of it's cage again.
Hey buddy, you should be a Russian Cosmonaut, and here's why.
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Bradleyo at 9:52AM, March 3, 2008
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Hi NEW girl.

Whats shaking?
Hope you enjoy Duckville, it's a pretty cool place.
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amanda at 10:53AM, March 3, 2008
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Hi, Heltha! You made it just in time - I'm organizing an escape from Renga's upcoming team-building seminar, and you are welcome to join me. I mean…hi, Renga. You're great, and I trust you completely.
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SnakeByte at 4:57AM, March 4, 2008
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Well, I hope you turn out an epic comic!!

Once I bite, you feel the vemon across the net.
Learn to fear Snakebyte!!

In our lab, the madness never ends!!
Electronic Mayhem
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