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elektro at 10:21PM, Oct. 6, 2009
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I've heard about this neo-thrash band quite a bit in the past few years. I've heard their stuff from their debut album before and thought “it's like if Slayer were more technical” but never really gave them a second thought.

Then, I found out their bassist died of illness last night while on tour in Sweden (eerily replicating Cliff Burton's death). From that, I found out that they came out with a new album about a week or two ago, and all I can say is…wow. They really stepped up their game, and I may have found another new favorite band. Too bad tragedy struck them now and they canceled the rest of the tour.

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PIT_FACE at 4:26PM, Oct. 7, 2009
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we lost one of our own. Thrash hard,brother! way to spread the word,Elektro.
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