Extra! JustNoPoint interviews gullas of Bobby the Fetus!
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This interview is of gullas, whose comics are: Bobby the Fetus and Not So Heroic!
(interview conducted by JustNoPoint!)

1. Q: Hiding behind the anonymity of the net is not an option anymore. We demand to know all the spicy details of your life.
ASL??? =p What's your name? How long have you existed on this chunk of dirt and how many of those years have you been working on comics? Unless you are like, really a fetus… I guess years won't be applicable then!

Well what is the meat in this strange gullas, you might ask ;). Well gullas sadly isn't a fetus. As a matter of fact, Gullas actually is a full grown male human being, about 19 years of age and is known outside DrunkDuck by his rl friends(zomfg!?! I haz freindz?) as Einar(please do not try to pronounce it, english speakers…). Oh and incase you're wondering, I ocasionally make a cameo in my comic ^^

2. You have 2 comics on DD, Not So Heroic and Bobby the Fetus. Which comic is your biggest passion? Explain a little about each as well.

Bobby the Fetus obviously it's my first comic. And it's the comic I make myself. It's basicly a random, semi daily,single panel strip about a fetus called Bobby and his friend,the narrator. Basicly it's what my very, very strange and random mind comes up with from time to time, about things that I myself find funny.
Not So Heroic is more serious of my duo;). It focuses on the story of alcoholic hobo and a saddistic vampire. They are later joined by a butler and young girl. Sadly, it's also on hiatus but I'm fairly sure that you'll be seeing more of it in the future :Þ

3. Q: In regards to Bobby the Fetus, after studying the human anatomy for hours to no end, and practicing with sketches rivaling those of Leonardo Da Vince, you finally settled onto a style that shows the prowess of all art forms focused into the prime materials, the real deal, the focus of art, was it hard to get to this point in your art?

… not really, I'm sorry :P. But I was bored once in a math class, scribled something in my work book, liked the shape and added two dots. Then my buddy asked me “What is that?” and I proudly said “That is fetus, Bobby the Fetus” XD
About a year later, I was really bored and decided to make some comic pages and post it here on DD ^^

4. Q: What programs/utensils do you use for your comic? How long does it generally take you to make Bobby?

Well as any 8 year old can see, then Bobby is made with MSPaint. It usually takes me about 10 seconds to some minuetes(sp?) to make a page.

5. Q: Will Bobby ever develop more? Isn't it a tad too premature to give “it” a boy's name? The parents will be so disappointed if it never develops the proper **** for the name.

Well Bobby can also be a girls name ;) Orginally I hadn't thought of the gender, but later I felt it funnier to give him a girlfriend. msPacman moment FTW XD.
As for development, maybe… I mean who knows. one day I might actually start using pens/pencils and draw a full fledged fetus on paper, if I think it's funny ;P

6. Q: What do you see for the future of Not So Heroic? Will Bobby ever make a cameo there?

Well, I've written about 6 chapers for NsH and am still writing. So the future is pretty bright. Also if looked closely, then all the pages so far have Bobby cameos XD

7. Q: I think most people probably wonder one thing while reading Bobby the Fetus. What the heck are you thinking? XD What is WRONG with you?!!! And what did a fetus ever do to you? People also wonder when the cyber space ninjas will come in but I won't demand spoilers.

I'm a kind of person who likes Hentai(not loli,shota,yaoi,guro or tentacle stuff), finds lolcat images funny, usually plays religious or morally blind characters in D&D, who finds Netzsche's work utterly amazing, hates Hume and Kannt, drives around in a ‘96 Hyundai Accent with a broken air condition, usually deciphers sexual meaning in other peoples speaches, likes Carlsberg and Jägermeister and ocasionally dances to Katie Perry’s “Hot ‘n Cold” when the song is nowhere near to be heard… So, HEY that’s me :D
Zombie-pirate-ninja-cyborg-nazi-jesus army is much moar cooler IMO XD

8. Q: What comics do you like to read most on drunk duck? Which inspire you the most? For that matter don't limit the inspiration to DD at all, name away!

Actually I only read 2 comics outside DD (Order of the Sticks and The Zombie Hunters). I find reading comics outside DD, pretty hard, since I love this comunity, the comics and the easy access around commenting, favoriting etc.
My favs here include Dirtheads, Harkovast, Lucky Dawg, IWKBLPFOS,Pwefell, Stray Kitten Princess, PUTRID MEAT and the list goes on and on…

9. Q: how do they inspire you?

errh inspiration? Who needs that Mumbu Jumbo? Frankly, I'm unalbe to draw anything than stickmen and Bobby so artwise is 0. Actually the humour in Bunny and other random comics could be named as inspiration… other whise it's pretty much anything that I like :)

10. Q: You read the comics of anyone that interviews you, right? :3

oh, OH am I supposed to do that? I'll get on it *puts it in a big pile o' “important things to do” ;)

11. Q: So, about this fetus… I heard the letter “e” is trying to sue you for character defamation. What do you have to say to him about this?

Damn that “e”. Always trying to get Bobby's glory -_-* Actually what you might not have heard that Bobby is actually is buying the rights for the letter ‘e’ so soon enough, all e's will have two dots in 'em ;)

12. Q: Who is are the parents of the fetus? And have they been on Jerry Springer yet? Also, the fetus was on your bed in one of the strips. I do hope you bought new sheets!

The parents are Bob and Jillian Foeti, who ironicly are mutant abortive fetuses who have an extra tail… They have yet to appear on Jerry Springer :P
New sheets? Gee, it's not like Bobby is contamine or dirty fetus -.-*

13. Q: What's the deal with the 1st page button? Is that what I think it is? \o/

you guessed it XD

14. Q: Tell us about the artist of Not So Heroic, Lemniskate. How long have you two collaborated? How did you 2 “meet”?

Lemniskate is actually maybe the first person, besides one of my friends,who activly reads and comments on Bobby the Fetus. It is pretty rewarding to actually see someone who can relate to your weird and twisted sense of humour :)
Like I described in my profile, NsH is based of a Mutants and Mastermind character who I had written a great and detailed character background about. Sadly, I never got the chance of playing him, so instead I continued the backstory, changing it a bit and VOILA! the “first chapter” was born ;). So AI contacted Lemniskate, I liked his style and I knew that he must've liked my MSPaint scribbles :P and asked him if he'd be interested in drawing this…

15. Q: Writing a story compared to strips must be a lot different. Which is easier for you? Which one is more rewarding?

Fundamental difference actually. Like I said before, it takes me virtually no time to make a strip and have a giggle or two at it. Sometimes actually when I write NsH, I feel like I'm writing a VERY detailed novel that suddenly changes to a movie script. At first, I wasn't very descriptive at first and Lemniskate actually complained about it… but as the plot got more complex and clearer in my head, so did my visions on how I'd want things to look.
It is amazing seeing a text you made, turned into pictures, characters, emotions.It is very rewarding :') *sniff*

16: Q: Is there any questions you would have hoped I asked? What are they? And feel free to answer them as well.

I was kind of hoping that you'd ask me about the size of my reproductive organ… but frankly I'm not in the mood of describing something of the size of your normal eraser ;)
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