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Fakers are in DD
LegendEXE at 7:09PM, April 17, 2006
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My name is LegendEXE. I'm a spriter down in MB. But I'm gonna cut to the chase: There's a faker among you and he's stealing comics from one of my friends. He's Lee.EXE here but he's stealing another Lee's comics. That's my friends site. As you can see the comics and sprites are identical. But the freewebs are the real ones. The one here has been a problem recently on our Guest Books. At the same time me and other spriters have been taking them out… one by one. We've taken down Zgglmtfrgn (or something), Turtle, USUK and many others. Now it's Lee's turn. If you don't help me I will do it myself. I have my ways around the net and will stop at nothing to get rid and delete Lee.EXE the fake. This is for my buddys who have suffered long enough! This time those little fakers are GOING DOWN!
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Ronson at 7:50PM, April 17, 2006
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First of all, we do have moderators who will look into cases of theft. You shouldn't come barging in and threatening people BEFORE go through the proper channels.

Here's what you need to do…or more accurately, what your friend needs to do.

1. Provide links that show that these comics are stolen. Post the URL from your friends site and post the URL from the alleged theif's site. I went to your friends site and it's godawful and impossible to navigate. Help us so we can help you.

2. Prove that your friend created these strips before the offender.

We can delete the account and ban the URL of the account creator IF we are convinced that a theft has occured. Right now we only have your say so. We need more.
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trav13 at 2:32PM, Jan. 31, 2007
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hello sum dumb kid basiclly a 6th grader,stole my password.he said that i got all my ideas from him and i didn't.
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ReaperEX at 4:36AM, June 20, 2007
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Trav13, the same thing happened to me just recently. Someone hacked into the LegendEXE account (the first post) and started saying I stole his sprites. I made his sprites and mine. I already requested the deletion (or ban) of him. Sadly I have no proof since I deleted my comics (moving to another host).
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