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Favorite sci fi flick.
Vdude at 7:40PM, June 19, 2007
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Okay, can anyone tell me what is their favorite sci fi movie? My favorite is the Star Wars saga. I bet you guys love sci fi. So tell me your favorite sci fi movie.
Legacyhero and i are doing a Kid Intense/Hero Force crosover which will be a blast. Also, we are teaming up for a Kid Intense movie. Tell me what you think of the crossover and the movie we are teaming up.
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fern at 7:49PM, June 19, 2007
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Battlefield Earth
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Disgruntledrm at 7:51PM, June 19, 2007
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I'm not a huge sci-fi fan, but man did I love ‘Night of the Comet’
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Sysli at 12:38AM, June 20, 2007
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Now, just one?
Actually, tecnically, I don't have a favorite. I've made a choice not to have favorites, but I can mention a few I like. Okay, I'll be nice. I'll keep it down to two ;)

First there's a classic
It's dark, it's gritty, it's post-apocalyptic and really really thought provoking. Sadly I'm too young to have seen the cinema-version so I'll never know if the “happy” ending worked better or worse than the director's cut version.

and to mention something entirely different
The 5th element
It's just so funny. Really. It's so brigt and silly. And there's some pretty nifty details too. Sure, it's not the best story out there, but who cares? It's still supergreen!

And I could go on and on and on. I love sci-fi. Especially post-apocalyptical sci-fi.
Because I may as well show a bit of pride. ^___^

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ozoneocean at 5:03AM, June 20, 2007
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That one with the spaceships and the men with fishbowls on their heads and the green alien with the bug eyes and the rayguns.
Yeah, that was groovy. I'm going to get that on BluerayHDCDDVDVCD…
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LIZARD_B1TE at 11:18AM, June 20, 2007
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The Chronicles of Riddick
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spambot at 11:45AM, June 21, 2007
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Forbidden Planet is a classic. Way ahead of it's time for special effects and suprisingly for the era in color!

I'm also doing that other comic "Space Waffles".
We now have a podcast called The Random Pirate Comics Show!
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kingofsnake at 2:24PM, June 21, 2007
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mars needs women
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jgib99 at 9:20PM, June 24, 2007
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Aliens- I love almost all the movies in the series (Resurrection sucked). But Aliens was definitely the best.
Karen's Edge- The beginning of the wildest road trip ever!!
How Unfortunate- Coming back in mid-July!
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freefall_drift at 10:44AM, June 26, 2007
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Bablyon 5 - for the very idea of story arcs and character growth.
Dark City - for the message that absolute power doesn't have to corrupt.
BladeRunner - The first sci fi movie (for me) where the future wasn't nice. I hate the director's cut ending.
Fifth Element - for the off kilter not quite American story and visuals and note: Ruby Rod screamed like a little girl through the entire fight, but he never stopped broadcasting and didn't flee.
Terminator - Loved the circular, self contained story.
Freefall Drift - A sci fi space opera of a starship's mission of stopping the Endless Kings.
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