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ccs1989 at 1:56PM, March 22, 2007
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Yeah, my cousin doesn't understand why I like Avatar. Many find it too kiddy, and find the main character annoying. Personally I think Aang's a good mix of sensitive and powerful, but there is some wooden acting in there.

However I really like the plot. It's not revolutionary stuff, but it's cool, exciting, and looks like it will resolve itself after 3 seasons. Personally I don't see why the people who dislike it do dislike it, aside from the fact that they haven't allowed themselves to get into it just because they saw one bad episode.

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-Henry David Thoreau, Walden
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Frostflowers at 11:36AM, March 24, 2007
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Movie: Nicodemus. From The Secret of NIMH - yes, that kooky, ancient, blind rat. I honestly don't know why, but that movie had a huge influence on my childhood.

Anime: Ooooooh…. this is hard. I keep finding new secrets, and I've got no one overall favourite really. I do have a special place in my heart for Greed from FMA, though. However, there's no definite answer on this one - Zoro of One Piece is a huge favourite as well, as it Shikamaru from Naruto, as well as Morino Ibiki from the same.

Book: Tyrion from George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire. Misshapen, ugly, born a dwarf, sarcastic, intelligent, bitter, filthy, more-than-a-little evil, horribly selfish and a man who delights in small evils. Imperfect characters are the best ones, really.

Oh heck - let's just say everyone from A Song of Ice and Fire except Cersei and be done with it. Martin is the KING of imperfect characters who are the center of attention in their own lives; I mean, he even managed to pull off the purple-eyed-princess without making me want to strangle the character. One must respect a man who is gleefully executing and/or maiming his characters as the books go by - no one is a true hero, and no one is safe from being killed.
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Kristen Gudsnuk at 3:26PM, March 29, 2007
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oooh this is hard.
Book: (ok I can't choose… so I'll list my top faves)
Malachy Constant from Sirens of Titan~ Kurt Vonnegut rocks, and in my opinion this was his best book. And Malachy was such an awesome character– he was an outer-space mind-slave, an oil tycoon, an astronaut, a jesus figure… all the while maintaining a bruisingly adorable pathos.

Alex from Clockwork Orange, for obvious reasons.

Javert from Les Miserables~ I had a literary crush on him for the longest time. I just like how strong-willed, how moral in the totally immoral way, he was!!! YAY JAVERT! Plus I liked how he committed suicide. And there were such homo undertones between him and Jean ValJean (even in 8th grade when I read the book for the first time, I picked up on that.)

Fantine from Les Miserables~ I love martyrs. This will probably be the only female character on my whole list. (I loves the menfolk!)

Dorian Gray~
hotness + moral ambiguity= awesome. I love the realistic way in which he descends into immorality. Of course Henry Wotten from the book is cool too, but he's so effing antifeminist that I can't make him a favorite.

Tom Joad from Grapes of Wrath~ His personality really changed my perspective on things. Like when he yelled at the one-eyed man for wallowing in self-pity, rather than sympathize with him. That made me think.

Mr Rochester from Jane Eyre~ I didn't even mind that he was already married (to crazy old Bertha up in the attic), I just liked how awesomely ugly and intense and loyal he was… I wish I could find a guy like him!!!

Archdeacon Claude Frollo from Notre-Dame of Paris, aka the Hunchback of Notre Dame~ he was so pervy and awesome!!! I felt so bad for him– everyone depended on him, everyone took advantage of his kindness, and when he finally falls in love with esmeralda, she thinks he's some kind of freak. Even his alchemy (he studies it) makes his brain kind of rot and stuff… and that moral guilt… ^_^

Gringoire from Notre-Dame de Paris~ he was silly!!! and he had that cute goat-friend, I liked him!!!

ok, I wrote way too much, woops.

Max Fischer from Rushmore~ *foams at mouth* I love him. He is so adorably oblivious and yet genius. oh and kinda hot in the obviously ugly way.

Seymour from Ghost World~ I LOVE STEVE BUSCEMI!!! MARRY MEE!!!

Shinji~ The best character ever ever ever invented. I feel so wonderfully selfish when I relish in his mood swings.

oooh I also like Envy from FMA!!! The most relatable character.

Least fave:
your mom
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Crazy Dutchman at 4:16AM, March 30, 2007
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Kristen Gudsnuk
Haha, wow, I never heard anyone say THAT XD
I mean he's not so bad looking as most people say, he's even quite normal, but he always plays these ‘ugly-type-guy’ movie roles. Well, in Big Fish he just plays a normal cool guy, and he does a great job!
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Kristen Gudsnuk at 8:26AM, April 2, 2007
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Crazy Dutchman
Kristen Gudsnuk
Haha, wow, I never heard anyone say THAT XD
I mean he's not so bad looking as most people say, he's even quite normal, but he always plays these ‘ugly-type-guy’ movie roles. Well, in Big Fish he just plays a normal cool guy, and he does a great job!
I've been told many, many times that I have odd tastes.
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