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FEH! Damn avatar...
NikiPaprika at 3:10PM, Feb. 4, 2008
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hmph. I've been trying to change it not just today, BUT FOR A FRIGGIN' FORTNIGHT! =___=;
however, it could just be that I don't see the new one on my end and everyone else can see my new one I want.
little question: What avatar do you see?
The old one is a doodle of me looking grumpy chewing a penicl.
The new one is meant to be my character Jack smiling, but looking slightly nervous.
I've tried two weeks ago and I still can't see it.
if it's just at my end, how do I clear my chache?
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Luminous at 5:35PM, Feb. 4, 2008
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From your description, it looks like the old one to me.

What kind of file is the new one? Have you tried uploading it as a jpg or gif? I've found that when it comes to avatars and comic thumbnails, the server sometimes has issues with pngs. And if that's not it then… well… must be the site glitching again.

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NikiPaprika at 2:01PM, Feb. 8, 2008
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joined: 3-10-2007
Nah, I've tried all file types and it's nothin' to do with that…especially with the number of threads with people having similar problems.
However, when I logged in at school today, I saw my new avi. But on my computer, I can see the new one on the left of “Hi, NikiPaprika”. but when I check previous comments, my old one continues to haunt me. o__O;
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Radec at 5:52PM, Feb. 8, 2008
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I am having the exact same problem as NikiPaprika actually. I was about to post the same question.

so, like me, have you tried all sorts of file type, byte sizes, and image sizes, with nothing working? even checking to see if any of the older avatars that worked are working?

My guess is none of that worked.
so can we PLEASE get someone techincal to help fix this bug?
only happening recently, so it might have something to do with the new site design.
<= dead and buried.
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