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Few opinion needed
mamaya94 at 6:21AM, Feb. 5, 2010
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I'm planning to translate another comic
but the theme is little weird.
It's about “gay”.
I am wondering if anyone's gonna read it.
I did translated 1 episode.
(The guy wearing sun glasses is gay)
(oh,It's not BL,It's just about gay)
I'm jut researching any possibility of anyone will read this comic
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The Gravekeeper at 9:39AM, Feb. 5, 2010
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Well, we are a very large and diverse community. No matter what the comic is about, someone will read it and like it. I seem to recall a few comics that got featured that dealt with LGBT issues, so there definitely is an audience.
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Futon at 11:20AM, Feb. 5, 2010
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i don't really see it being a weird theme, I mean, being gay isn't really a taboo anymore. Hasn't been for a while.

There propably is quite a lot of gay people here at DD, and I don't really see why a straight person couldn't enjoy reading a comic about a gay person either.

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Chernobog at 6:54PM, Feb. 5, 2010
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While it isn't my interest to read it, but I can't imagine there'd be any real resistance to something like that. I'm sure it'll do okay and aye, there's a crowd for it.
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