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Corvin at 7:13PM, Aug. 29, 2010
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What's considered the best file type to save a comic as for the web and for publishing?

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ozoneocean at 1:01AM, Aug. 30, 2010
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Jpeg is best. It's the all round web champ- you can get decent quality and great file sizes, especially for complicated images.
Be aware that the higher you compress something, the less detail you retain.

Gif is great for simple animation. It's also great for very simple images with low detail and limited colour- like your avatar for example. It's good for reattaining detail in that sort of simple imagery. -and you can also include transparency in the image! So it's ideal for simple web graphics.
On complicated imagery it fails. The file sizes get too large and the details are too pixelated.

PNG comes in two flavours:
-PNG 8 bit functions almost the same as a Gif, including the transparency. It just lacks the option for animation.
-PNG 24 has almost no compression. It's not a web graphic format really; it's better for video and such because it can include an alpha layer for complex transparency effects. Many people use it on the mistaken belief that it retains better quality than jpegs for complex images, although if you save a jpeg with no compression you get a file under HALF the size and exactly the same quality.
You should really only use PNG 24 when you want to create smaller web-graphics with complex transparent effects.

–Part of the PNG mythology comes from the spriting community. It's because they mainly use Windows Paint and out of all the basic save presets it offers, “PNG” seems to give a better result. That's not because of the file type however, it's because Windows Paint is a poorly made, basic program.
If you use anything more advanced that Windows Paint then you'll be better able to take advantage of the file saving options that are available.
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